Five Questions I’m Still Asking About “The Walking Dead”

As with all good things, it come to an ends eventually, and “The Walking Dead” is finally ending in 2022. Although AMC has yet to finish finding new ways to tell Robert Kirkman’s story, the OG series is coming to a close. I have mixed feelings about it, since every year from 2010 “The Walking Dead” was an event for me.

I eagerly looked forward to it every single Sunday for so many years. Now that they’ve decided to end it, there are five lingering questions that I’ve had since Season Two. This has a lot to do with the fact that AMC screwed original show runner Frank Darabont leaving Season Two and Three to feel messy and unfocused, but they’ve yet to really offer ideas or thoughts on these questions I’m still wondering about.

What Ever happened to the Vatos from Season One?
When Rick and his group met the Vatos in season one, their story didn’t seem to be going anywhere but down. They were a group of well meaning men who retreated to an elderly home, they enforced it and lived on whatever they could find with elderly patients relying on them. They were stuck foraging for food and supplies in the zombie infested Atlanta and were left with some mere fire arms, and dwindling hope.

In the alternate/original season premiere for season two we learn that their shelter was raided and everyone (including the elderly) were slaughtered by scavengers. But since that’s not at all canon, I’d love to know what ever became of them? They couldn’t have kept that place up and running for too long. Did they meet the Saviors? It’s a shame we never got a solid canon explanation for what ever became of them.

Was the group that Rick killed in “Nebraska” associated with The Governor?
It’s not entirely out of the ordinary that another group of violent scavengers found Rick, Hershel and Glenn and decided to persuade them in to taking them to the farm. But I often wonder if the writers were alluding to the Governor in the season two episode “Nebraska.” By the time season two arrived, the comic books were well past the governor’s storyline, so were these men part of the Governor’s squad? Were they just random assholes that came at the wrong time? We never did find out.

What did Frank Darabont have planned for T-Dog in Season Two? Was he going to become the series’ first villain?
During the beginning of Season Two, T-Dog goes through a bit of a change after nearly being killed on the highway by the herd. He starts ranting to Dale about how he can’t trust Rick, Shane, or Daryl, and he even tries to convince Dale to get in the RV and leave everyone behind. Oddly enough after some medication from his infected cut, and some stitches the issue is dropped, but during the well sequence, he seems fairly fed up.

So was Darabont planning to turn T-Dog in to a turn coat? Was T-Dog going to plot against Rick or Shane? Was he going to abandon everyone and end up with the Governor like Merle? Was he going to head down a path of self destruction like Shane? Sadly, that plot thread is left lingering with T-Dog dying in the first few episodes of Season Three, and the rant he gives ends up hanging there and is quickly forgotten. I wish we’d been given some answers as it would have been a fascinating development.

Did The Governor Know About the Civic Republic Military Helicopters that Appear throughout the series?
Along with stealing everyone else’s resources and pillaging settlements, the Governor seemed to know something about the Civic Republic Helicopters (that have become big plot elements of the series and the spin offs “Fear” and “World Beyond”). At least it was implied in some scenes. Apart from attacking settlements, the Governor also inexplicably ambushed a few military units in the process and was fishing for answers from the soldiers that he’d imprisoned. Was he working toward finding out where they originated from? Was he looking for a cure?

What the hell happened to Heath?
The disappearance of Heath is one of the laziest exits that the series ever composed. After introducing Heath, a heavyweight from the comic series, he is played featured very little during the series until he’s ultimately lost in a horde of walkers. Only his glasses are left behind and little else. Star Corey Hawkins who portrayed Heath exited the series abruptly to star in the “24” limited reboot, leaving a very crucial character to the comic book lore to feel like a cheap feature player and nothing else. It’s a shame we didn’t see the potential Heath had and what he brought to the fight against the walkers.