Kratt (2020) [Screamfest 2021] 

When left under their grandma’s care while their parents go on vacation, a brother and sister find themselves without electronic devices. When they meet two local kids and find a mysterious book, they work together and awaken a Kratt who is hellbent on causing mayhem if not kept occupied with a job at all times. 

Written and directed by Rasmus Merivoo, Kratt is a fun and insane watch that will make viewers wonder what in the insanity they are watching. This insanity is exactly why this film is an entertain watch, it keeps the viewer wonder what will come next and if it will up the ante again and again. And it does. The story here is one of kids finding a book in their summer boredom and deciding to use it without knowing what it can do or its risks. Then they end up summoning something they do not fully understand which seems great at first. This all leads to mayhem in the village and their lives. The way the film develops the story and takes it to the screen gives it all a mood that is fun and a little on the nuttier side of things. Which is exactly how it needs to be here. It’s just about perfect in tone for the story and for the performers to really thrive. 

The cast here sells the ever-loving insanity out of it, in particular Mari Lill as the grandma. She just goes for broke and makes this her film while making it super fun for the viewers. She’s not afraid of anything and more than willing to get the emotions out how they need to be. She’s a bit over the top at times, but here it’s just about perfect. Her work is the reason to watch the film and she should be winning all the prizes for this one. She’s great and honestly makes it seem like others in the cast may be overlooked because of it (not a complaint here). Around her are the kids playing her grandkids Mia and Kevin. Nora Merivoo and Harri Merivoo play the kids with just the right amount of youth nonchalance and technological obsession. Yes, they are annoying at times, but it very much is part of their characters and makes a whole lot of sense.  

The film also has plenty talent behind the camera with cinematography by Jako Krull. Their work allows the viewer to see all that is happening on screen, daytime or nighttime, with scenes frame and lit to give all the room to the performances to shine. The way the insanity is brought the screen is something that adds to the fun and allows the viewer to really dive in. 

Kratt is a really fun film that is officially a comedy/fantasy film, but there is some horror in here with the devil coming into play and some serious carnage at one point (including tons of blood everywhere), so while it may seem like a family-friendly film, it is one that is not safe for all families. It has some gore, lots of blood, and some serious violence, but the tone is rather light and makes it an ok film to watch with older kids and those whose parents know they can handle it. For adults, it’s a fun watch that goes by fast and makes for a great party film.