The Five Best Segments of “Creepshow” Season Two

“Creepshow” hasn’t been a perfect revival, but it’s garnered some great enthusiasm that’s made it a modern reboot that’s worth watching. Filled with some great performances, sick tales, and excellent gore, “Creepshow” has ensured a long stay, especially with the second season stepping up its game. The new release from Shudder and AMC packs all six episodes on to the Blu-Ray along with some great extras and I compiled five of the best segments of the second season you should look out for.

Dead and Breakfast
Ali Larter and C. Thomas Howell are great in darkly demented segment involving a woman whose tourist attraction is centered on the long held myth of her grandmother being a vicious serial killer. When she crosses paths with an online influencer who has the power to crush her livelihood, things go from crazy to absolutely insane. Larter and Iman Benson as paranormal livestreamer Morgue, are fantastic in their respective performances, and the segment offers up its own unique plot twists that make it so worth the experience.

Model Kid
This segment follows Joe, a model kit aficionado who is rendered a victim of his abusive uncle Kevin. With his passive aunt unwilling to step in, Joe purchases a new model that works similar to a voodoo doll, he wreaks pure revenge on mean ol’ Uncle Kevin. This is a classic segment typical of “Creepshow” that pays tribute to the imagination, the Aurora model kits, and of course includes the old fashioned comeuppance.

Pipe Screams
A clogged drain is hiding more than just hair and soap scum as the evil landlord. When the tenants of the rundown apartment complex learn their drain clog is a flesh eating monster, they decide to utilize it to get their revenge. This is one of the many in a trend of great episodes that feature evil rich people (in this case the incomparable Barbara Crampton) getting their just desserts.

Public Television of the Dead
This is a fantastic Easter Egg of a segment for the second season that acts as a wonderful stand alone tale/prequel to “Evil Dead.” Centered on a public TV station, they’re suddenly overwhelmed when the appraisal of an antique book summons a dark force. Now a television painter, and his executive have to fight through hordes of possessed deadites. I loved this segment, and it could have easily been turned in to a feature film.

Sibling Rivalry
Played mainly for laughs, “Sibling Rivalry” is a great, gory vampire tale. Focusing on Lola, who is convinced her brother is trying to kill her, she turns to her school counselor, unaware of what is really unfolding. This segment is filled with great twists and turns, some sick gore, and a great take on the vampire, approaching it as more of a drunken episode than a conscious state of being. Maddie Nichols and Andrew Brodeur are great, and Molly Ringwald is especially fun here.

The new Blu-Ray release features the thirty eight minutes Wondercon @ Home 2021 Interview with Greg Nicotero, as hosted by Megan Navarro from Bloody Disguting. The seven minutes How It Was Made: Night of the Living Late Show, shows some of the SFX of inserting Justin Long into a pre-existing film. The four minutes Behind the Sound with Bare Knuckles Creative focuses on sound design. There’s also the five minutes Behind the Scenes Raw Footage, the HD Creepshow Season 2 Photo Gallery, A Creepshow Holiday Special Photo Gallery, A Creepshow Animated Special Photo Gallery, and finally, there’s the Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery in the form of a comic art booklet inserted.