The Short Films of Timothy Troy 

Having previously reviewed his short film Abi and having been send Venus, I figured it was past due for a watch of every short film I could get my eyes on from Timothy Troy. So, without further ado, here are a handful of them and a link where to find them below. 

Ding Dong (2017) 

A woman is woken up from her needed sleep by the doorbell. When she gets to the door, nobody is there. She heads back to bed, when the doorbell rings again, same results. Is someone playing Ding Dong Ditch? Or is something else going on? The film builds some good tension in terms of making you wonder what is going on and one odd glimpse in the background of a sequence makes it clear there is something afoot. That ended is both chilling and funny, making this a successful short film.  

Written and directed by Troy, this one stars Yvonne Szumski and Spencer M. Rohan. Szumski carries the film here and she does great work of showing annoyance and frustration. This is a short short, so it’s one of those film where the cast gets only a few minutes to make an impression and she does great. The cinematography by Brian Levin, the editing by Dan McGuire, and the special effects by Rebekah Lieto must also be noted as they are excellent. 

Abi (2019) 

Previously reviewed here.
In this short film, scientists are trying to prove that an AI can live outside of controls and with its own plans. In a short film that owes a lot to other films like eXistenZ and Sequence Break, things are done a bit differently as the AI is carried on in a much different way, but the body horror and connection to computers is similar in mood and tone as well as in impact. This is a short that takes the fun of AI and brings a touch of horror to the proceedings. Timothy Troy builds a short that has a lot of impact in its short run time.

Venus (2021)  

Part of the Creepy Cuts series of shorts, Venus is a micro short with a 2 minutes and 18 seconds runtime. This one is horror with a good sense of humor and it makes an impression. In this one, a woman is stranded in a desolate area with her car having run out of gas. A good Samaritan stops and offers to help. From here, things take a turn. Troy once again writes and directs a tight short film with a good punch at the end. This time, his cast is composed of Kaylee Williams and Logan Hulick who both do good work with their short time on screen. This one is well-shot and overall, very well-done, as usual it seems for this crew. 

Extinguish (2021) 

A Zoom meeting goes horribly wrong for a team of people ready to do quite a few things to advance their careers. The least known about this story, the better.  

Written by Evan Baughfman and directed by Troy, this one is humorous and quite timely given how long some have been working from home. With that comes endless video meetings and we have all have thought about permanently changing things at work, perhaps not in such a drastic manner. Here, things are played for laughs with a touch of horror. This is the kind of horror comedy that works and leaves one wanting more. The film seems to have been shot through video chat or edited to be look like so, something that may have been done due to pandemic limitations. That being said, whether the limitations were imposed or chosen by the production, they work to create a relatable situation and make it one that becomes a fun short film. 

Closet (2022) 

The second Creepy Cuts micro-short here is called Closet and is about a kid calling their mom as there is something in their closet. Once mom comes to check, she is met with quite the surprise. This one is downright chilling, with an ending that is quite effective. This is one short that shows that sometimes, a shorter runtime can work to your advantage. 

This one is so fresh on the YouTube page that it does not yet have an IMDB entry and the credits are not on the video itself. The crew behind this one really ran a tight ship and made this short ultra-effective with just 39 seconds to do so. This is the way to show how to build tension, lead into fear, and leave things open to make it even scarier.   

These shorts are currently available on the Crazy Little Monster YouTube page