The Return of Miss Misery! [Women in Horror Month 2022]

Following on last year’s interview, Reyna wanted to chat with us again! 

Welcome back!

For starters, please tell us what you have been up to? 
I have been working on editing my fifth feature film, Interview while writing my next two films. Very busy writing lots lately.

What are you working on that you can tell us about? 
My newest book, Slasher Girl will be coming out within the next two months and I am working on the sequel to that book. I have a Monsters coloring book coming out very soon that’s based off the covers of my kids Monsters books. I am working on the next issue of my Movie Massacre # 4 magazine that will hit amazon soon. Also, in the middle of filming the eighth season of my television show, Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre.

How do you feel the Women in Horror Movement has evolved in the last year or so? 
There has been an amazing growth of women over the year and as much as I love seeing more and more women in front of and behind the camera, I always feel it’s not enough. I want to see more, always!

How are the ladies you are following this year? 
I am following so many great women that it’s hard to name them all but as always I love my Maureen Whelan who has a cool comic book coming out soon through Scattered Comics, Brooke Lewis Bellas, Axelle Carolyn and Gigi Guerrero. All women I hope to work with some day.

What are some causes that are near and dear to your heart and soul?
My best friend Maureen Whelan and I have been very fond of The Brain Aneurysm Foundation and all they do in dedicating the education of awareness of those who have brain Aneurysm’s. It’s a great non-profit organization that you can check out here at

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Thank you so much for having me!!