The Return of Whitney Modesta Collazo! [Women in Horror Month 2022]

Following up on her interview last year, Whitney is back to update up on her work and what she is passionate about.

Welcome back!
Thanks for having me back! 

For started, please tell us what you have been up to?
Most of my days have been spent with ancestral monsters, other creepy creatures or stories and/or film! 

I have been pretty busy with revisions and finalizing screenwriting works. Though I still can’t speak much on the details of said writing, I can proudly say that some cultural creatures of my own Latin/Hispanic and mixed Native roots play a part in the writing. 

I also spend part of my time watching and reviewing classic horror films. Aside from that, I have been working on artwork of monsters while I learn and read about their folklore backgrounds. Speaking of folklore, going on two years, I’ve had a YouTube channel where I demo tutorials of makeup and art of World folklore and horror related subjects.  

What are you working on that you can tell us about?
Some of the folklore creatures that I’ve been creating and learning about lately is for a UK based board game!  

Not only do I draw and paint British, Scottish and some Irish cryptids for this game, but my curiosity and education of them continue to expand along the way, which has been really fun. One or two may make an appearance in one of my YouTube channel, if interested subscribe and tune in to La Hechicera del Horror: Whitscraftngore. 

I am also a co-ghost of Gruesome Magazine’s Decades of Horror: The Classic Era podcast.  With that podcast, I watch and review classic horror films with some incredible co-ghosts. Shout out to the co-ghosts Daphne, Jeff, Chad and Joseph!  We all take a turn and pick a film from the 1920’s through the 1960’s and have a discussion based on the film pick.  I appreciate how we as a group get together to look at Horror in history among each other in this way.  

How do you feel the Women in Horror Movement has evolved in the last year or so?
Even though the past couple of years have been tough, it’s been interesting to see how other creatives have revamped and expanded in Horror.  As an immunocompromised Artist, I appreciate seeing how projects, screenings and other horror art viewings have become more accessible and virtual. 

How are the ladies you are following this year?
I hope that they’re all happy and of course healthy. From those that I have followed, it’s been nice to see some of them getting back into the world and doing their craft again. However, others I know haven’t been able to get back out there quite yet because of health reasons. And I understand those who haven’t been able to.  I am excited to see what comes next from all of those artists.  

What are some causes that are near and dear to your heart and soul?
I feel that as I’ve been working on professional projects, personally, some things have been working on me as well. From what has my heart soul are ancestral seeds planted which have made me grow into what and who I am.  Part of that growth has led me down the red road in reconnecting Mexica Nahua & other Native roots. 

With all of that being said, I feel that there isn’t a cause without a voice.  For years and more so now, I’ve been attentive to Indigenous voices.  A vast majority of those voices echo the importance of protecting what’s sacred. The land, the water, biodiversity, women, two-spirited individuals, animals, each other, and our health… we are all sacred.  We should take care of that connection because we are all relative.  MMIWs: Missing and Murdered indigenous Women and two-spirited individuals, land defenders and water protectors have faced many Horrors for quite some time and if not more over the past couple of years.  Indigenous peoples protect 80% of the worlds biodiversity while existing as less than 5% world’s population.  

I feel that our climate and health depend on those voices and it’s crucial to listen and to uplift them. While I mentioned health, as someone with an invisible illness, Fibromyalgia, I also feel that the voices of immunosuppressed and disabled should be amplified as well.  There’s so much to learn, unlearn so we can all make changes and to move forward. 

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