The Jackpot Hit (2022)

A pair of would-be gangsters trying to break into the Mafia receive an assignment to disrupt a poker game gathering of mobsters and steal the considerable money at stake amid the card shuffling. One of the hoods (Joey Ambrosini) is too eager to succeed while his comrade (Keont’e Collins) is going into the assignment with too much apprehension.

Michael Giovanni’s short film offers an invigorating lesson of what transpires when self-confidence runs too far ahead of common sense. Ambrosini is an appealing tough guy-wannabe who steamrolls Collins’ sensibility and sincerity. David Torres, Tommy Fury and Chris Baldyga are darkly amusing as the card players being targeted for the heist.

The film also has a surprise denouement which will not be revealed here that provides a wonderfully acidic spice to this entertaining production.