Ranking the Ghostface Killers from Favorite to Least

The first rule of Ghostface in “Scream,” is that it’s always someone you know. No matter what’s happening to the main characters, the killer or killers are always someone within close vicinity that have a personal connection with you. To date there have been multiple people that have taken up the mantle of Ghostface, especially since the “Scream” movie series is six movies in, and on the way to the seventh. So now that “Scream 6” made a big hit at theaters in 2023, I thought I’d break down the Ghost Face killers from favorite from least favorite.

The list does exclude the killers from the MTV “Scream” series, of course, as I’m sticking mainly to the movie series continuity.

Feel free to let me know what your ranking would be in the comments.

Billy Loomis, Scream
Billy Loomis has probably the most intimate and personal motive for wanting to become Ghostface. Even in spite of everyone else that’s worn the mask and costume. Billy’s mom was left heartbroken after his dad had an affair with Sidney’s mother. This prompted a huge plot of revenge, not only pinning Sid’s mom’s murder on one of her lovers, but also plotting to take out Sidney too. Although Sidney wasn’t at all aware, as far as we know, of her mom’s illicit affairs and infidelity, Billy’s been driven to the point of madness to where he ruins Sid’s life. His effect on her is still felt in the movie series.

Stu Macher, Scream
It’s not just that Stu is a sadistic psychopath, but he’s also a charismatic sadistic psychopath. Stu chose to go along with Billy I’m sure for the sake of destroying Sidney’s life, but he was also apparently someone that liked the thrill and acts of murdering people in cold blood. I mean he was an accomplice in helping to murder his girlfriend Tatum, after all. The big reveal in climax of “Scream” is still a huge twist that just floored me back in 1995. It’s still one of the great twists in horror movie history. Like Billy, Stu’s impact is still felt in the series today.

Jill Roberts, Scream 4
Jill Roberts is probably the first Ghostface to bear a blood relation to Sidney, and probably the only Ghostface whose entire goal is to clout chase and nothing more. Sure Jill is an unhinged psychopath that orchestrated a string of murders, but she’s also someone who misread Sidney’s infamy as pure fame, and she wanted it for herself. Roberts is a conniving and scheming killer who stops at nothing to steer the events in her direction, unapologetically. She’s someone that wants to build a career out of tragedy like so many influencers, and rightfully so, she pays dearly for her efforts to kill her cousin in the end.

Amber Freeman, Scream 5
Amber Freeman is an almost too giddy little psychopath who is one part of the pair of toxic fans that not only seek to avenge the legacy of “Stab” but also help pave a new legacy and hopefully become a celebrity in the process much like Sid and Claire. She’s devious, calculating and manages to do a damn good job in assembling just about everyone she wants in order to re-stage the events of “Scream.” And she almost gets away with it, but sadly underestimates Tara and Sam, in the end.

Richie Kirsch, Scream 5
Richie is one of the fame hungry killer that have donned the mask of Ghost Face, and he’s also the series’ representation of the toxic fan. Richie is obsessed with the “Stab” series, has an unhealthy love for it, and is so anxious to honor it that he seeks out to stage everything that happened to Sidney, right down to the house that Stu Macher resided in on that fateful night. Richie, like Amber, is pretty much a narcissistic sociopath who really only cares about making his movie even when he’s gurgling to death on his blood. There’s simply no redemption for him.

Charlie Walker, Scream 4
Charlie ends up being the reverse of the formula that Wes Craven established in the original film. Wherein Randy Meeks was the movie geek that ended up being a red herring, Charlie is the film geek that actually follows through with his homicidal urges. Craven pegs Charlie as the designated incel who is in it for the thrill, but also because he pretty much resents Kirby for initially rejecting him. His death is a pathetic one as he plays in the hands of Jill Roberts.

Tie: Detective Bailey, Ethan Landry, and Quinn Bailey, Scream 6
Richie Kirsch’s family is carrying on Richie’s legacy for reasons not fully clarified, I’ll admit. While I loved “Scream 6,” the identity of Ghostface in the film is a nod to the killer in “Friday the 13th” where their whole motivation is avenging the fate of their loved one. Richie’s family is just as sadistic and evil as he is, sadly, and they’re also twice as fucked up and ruthless with their tactics a reflection of modern society. First they killed Tara and Sam’s reputations, and then they tried to  kill them.

Nancy Loomis, Scream 2
I could never get behind Nancy Loomis, Billy’s mother, being one of the Ghost Face Killers in “Scream 2.” Aside from the fact that she couldn’t really confront Sidney without using a gun, I’m surprised at no point did Sidney really recognize her or run in to her at her college. In either case, while Nancy Loomis’ motivations are about as personal as Billy’s, her whole motivation, and her planning with Mickey was downright contrived and far fetched.

Mickey Altieri, Scream 2
I never liked Mickey Altieri, even though everyone else seems to think he’s great. Aside from being an obnoxious movie geek, he was just a pale imitation of Stu Macher, when all was said and done. Stu was just more entertaining. They even almost had the same motivation for their killing spree and for stalking Sidney. Altieri just felt like they forced his purpose in the movie more than anyone else. It just would have made more sense to make Randy the killer, or maybe go with the more obvious of Sidney’s boyfriend.

Roman Bridger, Scream 3
My reaction to the big reveal in “Scream 3” was confusion on there being just one ghost face, and then responding with “Oh yeah! It’s that guy! That… guy!” Roman Bridger isn’t in the movie enough to really make him in interesting or valid enough threat, even though he’s technically her half brother. I don’t consider him related to Sidney, to be honest. Plus, I just don’t get why he waited all those years to train Stu and Billy and then just disappeared only to strike on the small possibility that Sidney would travel to Hollywood along with her friends. I frankly don’t buy it, and even his big explanation never brought me around.