Five Great Movies Featuring Pools

Pools have almost always been interesting elements in films and television, from movies like “Sunset Boulevard,” “Poltergeist,” and “Gremlins” to famed TV shows like “Breaking Bad.” Since “Night Swim,” Bryce McGuire’s horror tale centered on a swimming pool is currently in theaters, I thought I’d list five great movies centered on or prominently featuring swimming pools. What are some of your favorites? What did you think of “Night Swim”?

5. Swimming Pool (2003)
François Ozon’s erotic thriller stars Charlotte Rampling as the struggling author who is forced to put up with her raucous but enigmatic young roommate Julie, who interrupts her vacation one day. Played by the insanely sexy Ludivine Sagnier, the women form a love-hate relationship with Julie’s swimming pool becoming the epicenter of her sexual escapades, taboo affairs, and tragic twists. “Swimming Pool” is as clever as it is erotic, and Sagnier oozes sex appeal.

4. Sexy Beast (2000)
The pool in Jonathan Glazer’s dark mob movie is not only just a place to relax but it’s also the last thread between Ray Winstone’s character Gal and his redemption. Ben Kingsley’s character Don Logan is a force of evil nature who persuades his old nemesis to come out of retirement. After everything has gone sufficiently to hell, Gal and his cohorts succeed in murdering Logan and burying him at the bottom of their luxurious pool. It’s a twisted ending to an underrated crime thriller.

3. Let the Right One In (2008)
Tomas Alfredson’s adaptation of the Swedish vampire novel has become one of the most notable vampire movies ever made, and that’s thanks in part to its now iconic, mind blowing finale. After being tormented by violent bullies throughout the story young Oskar is confronted once again and forced to hold his breath underwater. From there we don’t see what happens up top, but we know vampire Eli strikes back in what we can only imagine is an absolutely blood soaked, gory, incomprehensible act of comeuppance. It’s a genius climax.

2. It Follows (2014)
The indie darling of 2014, David Robert Mitchell’s coming of age horror film places a ton of emphasis on pools, with the pool representing purity and innocence. It’s often seen as a place of escape for main character Jay, and it ultimately becomes the undoing of the film’s invisible monster that is ensnared in a giant pool, trapped, and apparently slayed by Jay and her friends. The pool is a key element throughout “It Follows” and it’s adds surprising suspense.

1. Edge of Seventeen (2016)
The pool plays a big part in a major plot point involving the film’s central protagonist Nadine as played by Hailee Steinfeld. As she struggles to come to terms with her brother dating her best friend, Nadine takes it upon to visit her friend Erwin for a swim in his pool. Knowing he has a terrible crush on her, she seduces him and ultimately teases him which then inspires Erwin to convey clear anger and annoyance. It’s an interesting evolution in Nadine’s coming to grips with change and how she realizes she should treat the people in her life better.