Blood Feast (2016) [Synapse Films Re-Release] 

We originally reviewed Blead Feast as part of FrightFest in 2016, it is finally getting a blu ray release in the US in its original uncut version.  

What is this remake about:
The Ramses family moved to France for a new start and opened an American-style dinner in the Paris vicinity.  As business is floundering, Fuad Ramses works a second job as after hour watchman at the Musée de l’homme (Museum of Man) where he encounters visions of the goddess Ishtar.  Under her charms, he begins plans for a blood feast in her honor at his diner. 

From our 2016 review:
This remake thankfully avoided the faux-gritty look that many go for and went with a more sleek style which works well with the Paris setting and to fully show the gore.  Roland Freitag’s cinematography looks very good, showcasing the Paris and some of its landmarks beautifully and framing the murderous mayhem and cannibalism in a way that makes them the star of the film.  The film is not afraid to take on and face some of its grossest scenes. Blood Feast is a decent remake, a bloody film with an opening sequence that catches the attention with its plentiful blood and boobs.  It takes its time to get going but once it does, the bodies pile up and the gore is good.  The effects make this a film worth seeing.  It’s less enthusiastic than the other Herschell Gordon Lewis remake that comes to mind, 2001 Maniacs, but it’s still a fun watch.  Accept Ishtar’s invitation and join her for dinner. 

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As for this new release, the main thing about it is that is is available for the first in the US in its uncut form, on both Blu-ray (the version received for review) and 4K disc. The transfer here is beautiful, giving the film the light and darkness contrast it needs as well as the proper lighting for the darker scenes. The blood looks great here and it is fun to see an another film by Marcel Walz in all its gory glory as his recent work has been great and just as gory in some cases. The man has been working for a while, so let’s hope for more re-releases of his earlier, and first, movies. This re-release also boasts features like a scare cam, footage from the red carpet premiere in 2018, a music video, and a making-of featurette on top of the usual trailers and subtitles. Technically, this is a solid release with great image quality and sound quality, some extras with maybe a need for a bit more on this version as there isn’t a commentary on here or an interview with Walz or any of the cast members. Adding those would have made this a solid, necessary pick-up for horror fans. As it stands, it’s a solid pick-up for fans of the film and collectors who love a gory film in its uncut glory.