The Childe (2023) 

A man travels from the Philippines to Korea to meet his father who may be able to help him afford the surgery his mother needs.  

Written and directed by Park Hoon-jung, this drama-filled action film has an interesting core to its story while giving plenty of room for action sequences. While the story is at times set up to create the action sequences, the drama of it still works and there are a few twists here and there that, while some are predictable, work quite well. The film is thus decently written and well directed. Overall, the way the film develops leads to bringing the viewer in, keeping their attention, and carrying them along to the end successfully. The characters are connected in intesting ways and one of them in particular, without giving away too much, kind of feels like they belong outside of the story, yet fit in.  

The cast here is solid, with Kim Seon-ho stealing scenes left and right, having possibly the most interesting character in the film. His character gives him a different perspective on the film it seems, and he really looks like he’s enjoying himself along with the character. Kang Tae-Ju as Marco does really strong work here and gives a layered performance that allows him to have more to do here. The fact that he is a newcomer shows his level of talent and natural acting ability. Joining them is Go Ara who is fantastic to watch here. The cast overall is one of those that give action films a good name. While this may also be a drama, the action sequences are important to the film and the cast does well in both the dramatic scenes and the action-packed ones.  

The cinematography by Shin Tae-ho is more than good here, it’s well framed, well lit, and well done throughout. The editing here works most of the time but will make some wish it gave some more time between cuts on some of the fight scenes and gunfight scenes. The editing here does create a dynamic action film, but at times doesn’t allow for the viewer to fully see what is going on. However, it is not the worst at this seen recently and the action sequences are not a complete mess.  

The Childe is a solid action drama with action sequences that work, good acting, and well-done cinematography. It’s a more than good, almost great, action film with characters that are fun to watch and join in on their crazy adventure. There is a good-hearted nature to the underlying drama that leads to characters that can be loved on the good side and hated on the bad side. The film is a well-balanced story and final product. The characters and performances here are the main part, the most important part, and what works the best. The mix of character typers and actors is well-done and just about perfect for the film. 

The Childe will be released on digital and Blu-ray on January 16th by Well Go USA