Marie (2014)

Director Alfredo Tanaka’s short film is more about the experience and technical prowess he presents than about the narrative. The narrative, to its credit, feels a lot like some kind of contemporary folklore that breaches the ideas about tragic love and living up to the wealthy and elite. “Marie” is a weird and absolutely bizarre movie, but one that works well thanks to the pretty great direction, top notch editing, and just bang up make up effects.

Marie (Kasia Koleczek) is a woman who is in love with a doctor. The only problem is, the doctor is cross between a human and a horse. He isn’t the only one of his kind as there seems to be a whole race of these horse people. Wanting to fit in and gain the love of the doctor, Marie undergoes surgery to have her face altered and changed to that of a horse as well.

The way the director depicts these animal hybrid people as grotesque but beautiful is a marvel and they look stunning with Tanaka’s camera work. The collective team of make up artists excels at realizing this downright surreal world that Marie inhabits and it’s wild. “Marie” itself is a very good film with some great eye for dark fantasy and a narrative that feels so universal, when all was said and done. Tanaka accomplishes such a great atmosphere that feels like a downright nightmarish world, almost like a fever dream. Although it’s never confirmed, a lot of what unfolds feels so much like a distorted series of events recalled by an unreliable narrator i.e. Marie.

Director Alfredo Tanaka has a lot of talent and I hope to see more from him soon.