*666 (2022) [Slamdance 2024]

The Slamdance Film Festival runs Digitally and In-Person from January 19th to January 28th.

Short, sweet and to the point, Abby Falvo‘s silent horror comedy is a slick and funny tale about what happens when you mess around and find out. Originally filmed in a “One Take Super 8” event as part of the 2022 WNDX Festival of Moving Image in Winnipeg, the premise for “*666” is deceptively simple. It’s the tale of two women using a pentagram to contact a demon.

When an antique phone appears from out of the pentagram, the shit hits the fan. “*666” is a fun and creative short film that thankfully isn’t hindered by its small budget. Director Falvo stages her short with a black and white and silent film format, allowing for subtitles to replace dialogue. Thankfully the small cosmetic elements inject this almost antique aesthetic that makes “*666” almost feel like a movie we weren’t meant to see. Paired with some pretty sharp and gruesome special effects, I liked what director Falvo co-writer Lar Violet had to offer audiences.

Although she doesn’t actually let audiences in on what the wrong number on their phone dialed in to, we know well enough that they probably weren’t meant to talk to this particular entity.