Stunt Woman and Actress Janet Wang Interview [Women in Horror Month 2024]

Stunt woman and actress, Janet Wang is a badass through and through.

To start, please introduce yourself:
My name is Janet Wang. I started in film as a stunt woman, and just rose from there. I have done everything from serving sandwiches to lead actress in film. Honestly, I truly love the art of film. I love bringing words to the big screen. I think it shows in my work. I don’t do this for fame or money. I do it because I truly love the art. 

What is horror to you, what makes a work of art one in the horror genre?
This is such a complicated genre to define. I mean there are a ton of sub genres within this genre. I mean you have your gore porn horror, your religious horror, comedic horror, sexploation horror. The list goes on!!! 

What made you want to work in horror?
I don’t like to watch horror movies. They scare me to death! I am a huge pussy when it comes to scary movies. So when I got into film as an actress, I said to myself, “If I can’t watch these, then I’ll act in them.” 

Where do you get your inspiration?
Honestly, I am inspired by so many people from my kids to Felissa Rose! 

What would you like your legacy to be in the genre (or elsewhere)?
I’m actually making my directorial debut in March with a Batman fan film. I have some really cool talent in it. Kevin Porter, and Kevin Caliber! I would love to be known as a female action film director. 

What is Women in Horror Month to you and why is it still important this many years later?
Women in film or in any genre is important. But in horror, the chicks are what makes horror such a successful genre. I mean no one wants to watch a bunch of dudes running around screaming. It just doesn’t have the same flair. But not just the acting side. There are some strong women who produce, direct, practical effects, etc. So yeah, we need an entire month dedicated to our hard work. 

Who are some of the Women in Horror who you look up to and who do you want to bring attention to in your field or others?
Devanny Pinn is a prime example, not only is she one of the sweetest people I know, she is also one of the most inspiring scream queens. Another is Julie Ann Prescott, she is making her directorial debut this March. I am super excited about that. I’m in Cheerleader Elimination as a part of the ensemble cast. 

What are you currently working on that you can tell us about?
First, follow me at @janetwangsta on Instagram, Janet Wang on Facebook, and check out my IMDB at 

Currently, I am in pre-production for Batman Soul of Gotham as the director. My feature film Death Merchant: City of Insurrection is in post-production; my ex-partner and I started this almost 4 years ago! 

I’ll be acting in Cheerleader Elimination with Julie Ann Prescott, and in Axegrinder 7 with Will Colozo. 

Z Dead End with Rob Restro is about to start up again. I am really excited about that. 

Thank you for taking the time to do this, we greatly appreciate it.