Horror Blogger Melissa Jewell Interview [Women in Horror Month 2024]

Horror Blogger Melissa Jewell tells us about the blog side of life:

To start, please introduce yourself: 
I am Melissa. I run Lipstick and Gore, a blog centered around horror and makeup.   

What is horror to you, what makes a work of art one in the horror genre?
Horror is taking the unconventional and bizarre and turning it into a visual work of art. Horror is a way to express the inner demons that dwell in all of us.   

What made you want to work in horror? 
I wanted to work in horror because it has always been a source of, oddly enough, comfort. I, like many others, have found deep meaning and connection to the art involved. It has also been a place that I have found belonging; people often see people that enjoy horror movies or art as outsiders with dark souls ready to jump you in a dark alley, but I have found a community of the most sincere, kind and accepting people I have ever met.  

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from classic and modern works.   

What would you like your legacy to be in the genre (or elsewhere)? 
I would like my legacy to be, I went from small town, country girl that felt alone quite often as a teen but by following my own path and doing what I was passionate about I was able to create a website that I am proud of and has amassed a great group of lifelong friends. 

What is Women in Horror Month to you and why is it still important this many years later? 
Women in horror month is more than just celebrating the pretty faces of the genre, it’s about empowerment and overcoming a stigma. It is important to take the time out to celebrate the women in the genre and their real contributions to the art because horror has always been synonymous with the exploitation of women in mainstream media, but it isn’t at all.  

Who are some of the Women in Horror who you look up to and who do you want to bring attention to in your field or others? 
There are the obvious choices, Jamie Lee Curtis, Barbara Crampton, Danielle Harris; the list is truly endless. I would love to bring more attention to the fantastic Destinie Orndoff. She is one of the most driven women on the scene right now and she is so immensely talented. 

What are you currently working on that you can tell us about?
I am currently working on rebuilding my website lipstickandgore.com and continuing to connect with other genre nerds on Instagram (@lipstickandgore) 

Thank you for doing this with us!