Lost in the Sky (2023) [Cinequest 2024]

Director Simon Öster and his team really do deliver an accomplishment of cinema, it’s a short film about the power of companionship and the classic tale of a species ending war that might not have resulted in the best outcome when all is said and done. “Lost in the Sky” revolves around a scavenger robot who has spent what we can only assume is an enormous amount of time in the aimlessness of space looking for humanity of any kind.

A space adventure in which a rescue robot is searching for survivors in a strange galaxy–where he makes a dark discovery, leaving him with a devastating choice

“Lost in the Sky” demonstrates how even a wonderfully advanced sort of technology can feel dwarfed by the vast enormity that is the universe. “Lost in the Sky” is such a remarkable short film that exposits so much about its world and narrative without a single word of dialogue. The robot that becomes the central focus is such a tragic character that comes to life with some excellent direction and just downright stellar puppetry by Jacob Danell and Carl Lohman.

For a bit I was convinced this was an animated movie, but director Simon Öster offers up so much crisp direction and sweeping visuals. Everything about “Lost in the Sky” is about looking for human contact and companionship in a galaxy bereft of life. Despite the great effects and establishing of this narrative and circumstances, it excels a lot in the corner of deep emotions and the sheer sense of hopelessness. “Lost in the Sky” is a stellar short film, especially for science fiction buffs. I hope we can see more from Simon Öster down the line.

Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival occurs in San Jose March 7th – March 17th.