Actress, Writer, Director Sarah Alexandra Marks Interview [Women in Horror Month 2024]

Actress, writer, director Sarah Alexandra Marks:

Sarah Alexandra Marks is an actress with a solid resume composed of a variety of impressive roles and work. She has also written and directed a short film.

What is horror to you, what makes a work of art one in the horror genre?
For me, horror is a captivating dance with the audience’s emotions, orchestrating a mix of fear and adrenaline. It’s about evoking that primal instinct to grip the chair, hearts racing, as viewers are compelled to yell out warnings to the characters on screen. I find the allure of horror lies in its power to transport us to the edge of our seats. It’s a genre that not only entertains but also challenges our psyche, inviting us to confront our deepest fears while immersing ourselves in the thrilling narrative unfolding before us. 

What made you want to work in horror?
The allure of the ‘Scream’ franchise is what made me want to become a scream queen in horror films. Portraying the courageous protagonist in a spine-chilling narrative has always been a dream of mine. It’s about navigating the fear I may have as an individual and confronting that on set.  

Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration blossoms from immersing myself in films and documentaries featuring talented actors. The excitement that stirs within me while watching these performances fuels my creative spirit and stays with me as I step onto the set. I’m always reminding myself to stay present and keep a grateful heart. The loss of my mother is a great reminder that life can be short, which always inspires me to keep going.  

What would you like your legacy to be in the genre (or elsewhere)?
I aspire to be remembered as an actress who radiates magic both on and off the screen, inspiring others to follow their dreams. 

What is Women in Horror Month to you and why is it still important this many years later?
Women in Horror Month is a celebration that resonates with everyone. It serves as a poignant reminder of the inherent strength we embody, characterized by vulnerability and a profound passion for the art of film. As women, we have the privilege of infusing these qualities into our on-screen personas, sharing them with the world.  

Who are some of the Women in Horror who you look up to and who do you want to bring attention to in your field or others?
Neve Campbell and Sarah Michelle Gellar have always been an inspiration to me in the horror world, captivating audiences with their compelling presence on screen. They both effortlessly carry a softness and toughness that leaves a lasting impression. 

What are you currently working on that you can tell us about?
Exciting news ahead! “Escape,” a Howard J Ford picture, is set for release on March 15th in the US on VOD, marking a thrilling chapter in my career. I recently completed shooting for the action-packed horror “River of Blood,” currently in post-production – also directed by the talented and wonderful Howard J Ford. Looking ahead, there are more eerie tales to be unveiled this year, with titles like “The Manor” produced by Lucas A Ferrara and “Witch” on the horizon. For the latest updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses, feel free to follow my journey on Instagram @sarahamarks.