From Sleepaway Camp to Unspoken, Katherine Kamhi Interview [Women in Horror Month 2024]

From Sleepaway Camp to Unspoken, Katherine Kamhi makes her mark:

To start, please introduce yourself:
Hi, I am Katherine Kamhi, MEG from sleepaway camp. 

What is horror to you, what makes a work of art one in the horror genre?
Horror to me is an incredibly unique special genre. I feel like it’s the only one where anything goes, and everything works… you can bring out your deepest, darkest fears, jump scares, gore, fantasy, blood guts, all of it and with some great writing you’ve got a film! 

What made you want to work in horror?
What made me want to work in horror was my very first film Sleepaway Camp! I actually was terrified of horror films although I had seen a few I was absolutely petrified, but this script was so incredibly great. It opened up a whole New World for me! 

Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration has always come mainly from my family, my mother, my grandmother, my daughter, all incredibly talented individuals in different ways. 

What would you like your legacy to be in the genre (or elsewhere)?
As far as what I would like my legacy to be in horror, I think sleep away camp speaks for itself. an iconic character Meg became, and I’m so very proud that I was a part of it. The film was so ahead of its time and I’m so glad I trusted the Director, Robert Hiltzick , and his vision! 

What is Women in Horror Month to you and why is it still important this many years later?
I think women in horror month is fantastic and gives attention to all the incredibly iconic women in horror films, and so important to keep that up! 

Who are some of the Women in Horror who you look up to and who do you want to bring attention to in your field or others?
I think one of the women I look up to the most is Jamie Lee Curtis, such a heroine and so strong and powerful in Halloween and years later I got to do an Activa yogurt commercial with her and we spent the entire day and evening together and she couldn’t have been more wonderful, smart, classy, and supportive! 

What are you currently working on that you can tell us about?
I currently have a film doing the festival circuit called UNSPOKEN which is an absolutely beautiful Incredible piece of work and I’m so very proud of it! 

Working on another film with the Incredibly talented Ray Abruzzo from the Sopranos! 

Also, have to do a humble brag about my amazing daughter Madeleine Coghlan, who is a staff writer on the rookie as well as an extraordinary actress in many films, tv shows including a few horror!! My son jack also an actor and sideline reporter for ESPN PLUS college games! 

My instagram is @KCINLA7