Exposure (2023)

At the moment I’m not too sure if Kris Cummins’s “Exposure” is an ARG, the start of a series, or a proof of concept, but what it is is one hell of a scary horror film. A lot of the best horror is rooted in reality and “Exposure” is one of the most realistic modern horror tales ever conceived. The idea that someone is using a digital baby monitor to terrorize or torment kids is something that happens far too often and director Cummins takes full advantage of that.

Feeling like a modern day twist on EC Comics’ “And All Through the House,” director Cummins sets up a simple but effective premise. Using CCTV monitors, a young mother puts her daughter to bed one night; without her knowledge her daughter is being talked to through her baby monitor which can pick up other signals. The voice over the radio convinces her to open the door to the front of the house. From there, “Exposure” is a surefire horror ride with excellent use of stark shadows and great camera angles.

The performances are also absolutely top notch, especially from the performer portraying the film’s horrifying stalker. “Exposure” begins on an inexplicable note and ends on one, reveling in the idea that this scenario is all too plausible. Especially in a day and age where technology infiltrates literally every intimate aspect of our lives, allowing for anyone to sneak in. I’m still not sure what director Cummins is planning next, but “Exposure” is a stellar representation of the scares and creativity that they are capable of delivering horror fans.