Ghosted (2023)

The main reason to watch “Ghosted” is for Keith Black who is about as funny and uncomfortable as can be for a movie about a man making a desperate plea for a girl after a seemingly good date. Director and star Black creates a small budget but funny and relatable short that finds Keith’s character sitting in a car one day checking in on a date he’d had the previous night. Not willing to really take the hint, he leaves her message after message, all of which are composed of awkward responses, and verbal fumbles that I found entertaining.

The whole situation is decidedly uncomfortable, but director and star Black never turns it dark. It’s a lot more in the vein of a Woody Allen comedy where Black is a seemingly nice guy who can’t quite understand where he might have taken a wrong turn after such a great date. Black’s performance and comic timing are very good and the movie, clocking in at four minutes in length, builds up to a final line that inspired a pretty good chuckle from me. We don’t know what’s going to happen once the credits have rolled, but we know it won’t be very pleasant.

Admittedly “Ghosted” watches more like a comedy skit than a short film, but that doesn’t hinder the overall experience. Black delivers all of the information we need to know through his incessant messages to his previous date, well. Director Black is talented, funny, has a nice on screen presence, and delivers a very relatable and human situation comedy that viewers just might respond to.