Sorceress of Suburbia (2011)

Director Fred Olen Ray has had one of the weirdest movie careers I’ve ever seen from any director. It’s not many filmmakers that can ride the tides of various trends creating softcore porn for basic cable, erotic thriller, cheapy horror movies, and then goofy Hallmark Channel Christmas movies in one career. Fred Olen Ray gets shit done, I guess, and “Sorceress of Suburbia” is one of his many forays in to the porn sub-genre.

Sherri and Carrie are sisters, and both are witches. When Carrie conjures Cleopatra so that the ancient queen can teach Sherri bedroom secrets to help her newlywed sister have a happy marriage, the duo gets into a heap of trouble because people realize something strange is going on with the two siblings. Soon they have to set things straight before everyone finds out about their magical abilities. Also known as “Sexual Witchcraft,” this is all basically an unabashed softcore porn spoof of “Bewitched.”

Except this more revolves around a bunch of forty somethings scheming behind one another’s back when a new husband and wife move in. Many of the other women suspect that she may be a witch and things go out of control. A lot of it is basic softcore junk considering the budget is so painfully low. Despite the computer animated opening sequence, the biggest effects the movie implements are shots of furniture appearing and disappearing. The editor also manages to also derive a lot of plot from such a goofy and tired premise for a spoof that only about thirty percent of the audience probably understand the context to.

Olen Ray regular Christine Nguyen returns once again now playing mysterious suburban housewife Sherri, and she’s gorgeous. There are also the usual suspects like Michelle Bauer, Holly Sampson, Cassandra Cruz and Randy Spears collecting an easy paycheck for what I assume was a few days of work. There is version available on Tubi edited of all the sexual content that clocks in at a breezy forty five minutes. If you just want to ogle Christine Nguyen for an hour, that gets the job done. Otherwise, this is another notch on Fred Olen Ray’s bizarre career.