BOB (2022)

Inspired by a true story, Drew Bierut’s romance comedy is one of the most charming tales of fate and random scenarios I’ve seen in a long time. Although the movie posits itself as this bizarre concept, it amounts to a surprisingly funny, engaging and warm romance comedy that explores how sometimes we can end up meeting our perfect person in the most unlikely places. Everything about “Bob” is so well conducted from the direction, top notch performances, and ace comic timing, I just loved it.

Bierut’s comedy is set in a night in Hollywood where Hannah is invited by her sister to have dinner with their friends. Deciding to walk there, she’s nearly attacked by a belligerent old man and much to her surprise she’s rescued by a man in a Spongebob costume. The two get along well and much to her sister Julia and husband Grant’s horror, Hannah arrives with Spongebob. Despite being very friendly, and cordial, Julia and Grant are dead set on getting him out of their house.

“Bob” is such an awkward and funny romance comedy that surprisingly isn’t cringe inducing. The scenario posed by Bierut is absolutely awkward, but the circumstances are played with such pitch perfect comic timing, you’ll find it impossible to not root for Bob. Why is Hannah so willing to go to bat for Bob? What does she see that Julia doesn’t? The whole appearance of Bob could of course be analogous to any meeting situation, but what’s so off putting is that Bob is so randomly normal. He’s so quiet and humble despite sticking to his spongebob costume most of the film. Dillon J. Stucky is so great as Bob, and garners such great romantic tension with Anna Pasarow.

I would love to see more from Bierut somewhere down the line, as “Bob” is very worthy of an audience.