Five Fantasia Festival 2024 Premieres We’re Excited For [Fantasia Film Fest 2024]

For another year, Cinema Crazed will be covering the Fantasia Film Festival remotely. We’ll be bringing you reviews and articles of their newest films as well as their always stellar short film line ups. As is the case every year, these are five Features premiering this year that we’re Excited to Watch.

The Fantasia International Film Festival returns with its 28th edition from July 18 through August 4, 2024, returning to the Concordia Hall and J.A. de Sève cinemas, with additional screens and events at Montreal’s Cinémathèque québécoise and Cinéma du Musée.

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30th Anniversary Re-Release of “The Crow” Coming to Theaters

With the “remake” of “The Crow” right around the corner with Bill Skarsgard, and the popularity of the original film about as big and marketable as ever, Cinemark is bringing director Alex Proyas’ The Crow back to theaters for the classic movie’s 30th anniversary as part of the “Scream Greats” label from Paramount Scares and Fangoria.

Fans that missed the original experience will be able to see The Crow up on the big screen at Cinemark theaters on two nights only:

May 29th & May 30th.

You Can Head over to Cinemark’s website to check local listings now.

“Adapted from the comic book saga of the same name, this action-packed thriller from director Alex Proyas (Dark City) features hypnotic style, dazzling visuals, and a soulful performance by the late Brandon Lee. Bonus content with the feature: Production designer Alex McDowell revisits the goth masterpiece, taking us on a deep dive covering all facets of designing the film.”

On Depression and Westerns

Special guest Article by Leigh Evans KreuzThey say you never forget your first love.

I’m thirty-eight now and I’ve forgotten a big chunk of my life up until this point. Sometimes, if I’m especially #blessed, the right stimuli and the right amount of THC knock a few things loose. Being born before the turn of the century, I was a kid who, like my parents before me, was raised largely by television. Our story begins during the little slice of my life in which I was often sat behind the arm of a floral patterned sofa, staring in rapt attention at the rabbit-eared television; relic from the time when sets were advertised as being (holy smokes, Batman!) IN COLOR. I happened to be born into a culty Assembly of God church run by a guy who wore Jim Jones sunglasses without a single wit of irony and utilized information control in the guise of “keeping the children safe”.

That meant we weren’t allowed to just watch whatever we wanted because the stuff on TV would send demons through the screen or something. (For further reading and cringing so hard your back cracks read “Turmoil in the Toybox” by Phil Phillips). The selection of “Jesus approved” material was pretty slim for the child of “God and country” 1980s Reaganites.

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FIAF Announces the Seventh Edition of “Animation First”

The French Institute Alliance Française announces the program for the seventh annual Animation First, the only U.S. festival dedicated to showcasing the legacy and innovation of Francophone animation. FIAF is thrilled to celebrate the seventh edition of its popular festival, which expands this year from a three-day to a six-day festival due to increased popularity, running from Tuesday, January 23 through Sunday, January 28.

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The Leather Archives & Museum is thrilled to continue Fetish Film Forum, a new monthly screening series about sex, relationships, and art. These ten erotic films spanning nine countries and six decades are stunning explorations of fetish, kink, leather, and BDSM.

Many folks in this world have made room for Christ, but we’re making room for Cristiana: Devil Nun. Sexually liberated Cristiana enjoys sex on a plane in front of the other passengers until a storm hits and sends them plummeting from the sky. She begs her higher power for help and promises to become a nun if their lives are spared. The pilot immediately regains control of the plane, and Cristiana soon enters a convent where sex remains an everlasting temptation….

This screening of Cristiana: Devil Nun is co-presented by Corinne Halbert, a psychedelic horror artist obsessed with 1970s cult films and vintage comics. She is also the creator of Acid Nun.

Trailer for Cristiana: Devil Nun can be found here.

Fetish Film Forum trailer can be found here.

Full synopsis and ticketing can be found on the LA&M’s website here.

Cinema Crazed’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the holidays once again, and this year has been a hectic one for the self respecting movie geek. As is the case we’re introducing a handful of movies and TV shows that will make wonderful gifts for you or the movie lover in your life.

Remember that when you buy through us, you also support Cinema Crazed. We’re also always accepting donations, if you want to show us some love for our hard work and coverage.

Happy Christma-hannu-kwaanzaa-ka to you, and a Festivus for the rest of us.

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