Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024) [Blu-Ray/Digital HD]

Now Available from Warner Home Entertainment.

After two whole months “Godzilla x Kong” is now available on physical media. Two whole months. Sixty days. 1,460 hours. I’m old enough to remember when it usually took eleven months for movies to be put on home video, but I digress. If you missed “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” after its theatrical run, it’s still a humdinger of a monster movie that is sadly Adam Wingard’s last outing in this monsterverse. It’s a fun note to exit on as I’m sure Warner and co. are planning to take the inevitable next chapter and use it as a chance for a soft reboot with Godzilla or Kong finding new challenges. Until then, there’s “The New Empire.”

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Dune: Part Two (2024) [4K UHD/Digital]

Now Available from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

“Dune Part Two” is an infinitely superior film to the 2021 installment of “Dune” which, when all was said and done, felt more like a prologue than an actual narrative. While “Dune” was good, the second chapter to Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation feels so much more cohesive. Not to mention a lot of the concepts and ideas and so much less abstract and much easier to comprehend. There’s just so much more focus and laser beam direction this time out. While, again, “Dune” was good in its own right, I just had a much better time in how Villeneuve adopts the whole concept of “Dune” in the vein of “The Empire Strikes Back.”

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Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms (aka Feng shen Di yi bu: Zhao ge feng yun) (2023) 

Available on Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD May 28th, 2024, from Well Go USA. 

A mythical war from 3000 years ago between immortals, monsters, and humans, Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms shows a small part of the battles and serves as an opening to a much larger story. 

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Graphic Sexual Horror (2009) [Blu-Ray]

Now Available from Synapse Films.

One of the bigger surprises of 2009 was “Graphic Sexual Horror” a documentary that pegs itself as this extreme movie about sexuality. In actuality, Barbara Bell and Anna Lorentzon’s film ends up as this very complex and interesting study on fetishes, S&M and torture. The whole concept of “Graphic Sexual Horror” came at an interesting time when America was still reeling from the Abu Ghraib incident, prompting us to take a good look at the darker side of our sadistic tendencies and personal accountability.

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Prison Walls: Abashiri Prison I-III [Masters of Cinema series] 

Available on Blu Ray May 28th, 2024, from Eureka Entertainment 

In this series of 10 movies (according to the internet today), the first three are being released on Blu for the first, bringing the story of Shinichi Tsukibana, from his time in prison, his escape, and his official freedom in later entries. The set presented here has 3 of the films, so we get to see limited adventures for Mr. Shinichi Tsukibana. 

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