Sorceress of Suburbia (2011)

Director Fred Olen Ray has had one of the weirdest movie careers I’ve ever seen from any director. It’s not many filmmakers that can ride the tides of various trends creating softcore porn for basic cable, erotic thriller, cheapy horror movies, and then goofy Hallmark Channel Christmas movies in one career. Fred Olen Ray gets shit done, I guess, and “Sorceress of Suburbia” is one of his many forays in to the porn sub-genre.

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Giantess Attack vs. Mecha-Fembot! (2022)

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during the pitch meeting for “Giantess Attack vs. Mecha-Fembot!” I imagine that it involved hastily written cocktail napkins stapled together as a script, some cheap martinis, a randomizer that picked names of various porn stars out of some huge list Full Moon has stored in a database. For all intents and purposes, they manage to squeeze by barely on an hour long movie that really isn’t a movie. It’s a movie in the traditional sense, but the whole idea of giant women fighting is a framework for a lot of comedy skits.

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Giantess Battle Attack! (2022)

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After “Attack of the 50ft Cam-Girl,” I assume Full Moon and director Jim Wynorski just thought “Aw, Fuck it” and went ahead with a trilogy of films. What started as yet another iteration of “Attack of the 50ft Woman” transformed into what are now a trilogy of cheaply made, tongue in cheek schlockfests where the main attraction is the giant, busty women knocking heads with one another. They wear tight, short clothing, and tower over the male characters, and there’s a ton of innuendo and double entendres thrown at the audience.

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Five Underrated Full Moon Movies

Full Moon is still trotting out films to this day and while they haven’t released a bonafide classic in literal years, they’re at least embracing their history and still give classic Full Moon fans their rewards and due. Being a fan of Full Moon since the old days when me and my family were at the mom and pop video store every Friday scowering the shelves for that evening’s entertainment, I thought I’d list five underrated titles from the whole Full Moon umbrella. This also includes Moonbeam, Pulse Pounders, and Monster Island, et al.

Many of these films can be found on their official streaming service, as well as Tubi TV.

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Demon in a Bottle (1996)

Full Moon and Charles Band always had a knack for delivering entertainment on the cheap side, allowing them to cover a lot of markets. Their family movies, despite being low budget, had a kind of novelty and charm that is still pretty fun. One of the lesser among the library from Full Moon’s sub label Moonbeam was “Demon in a Bottle.” Despite its sinister title, the movie is very much a take on “The Goonies” except with only about ten percent of the budget, I’d assume. It has a small cast, very limited scenery, and only has villains that animated—you know, to spare the whole cost of live actors.

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Attack of the 50 Foot CamGirl (2022)

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It’s become almost a tradition for some filmmaker to remake Nathan Juran’s 1958 schlock monster movie. Pretty much every four or five years a new variation of the formula pops up with a studio inserting some kind of entity. Now that CamGirl’s are still a thing and much more relevant, Jim Wynorski brings us the Attack of a 50 Foot CamGirl. It’s the bare minimum in the scope of attempted cult filmmaking; your mileage may vary depending on what you’re willing to endure when it comes to seeing busty blonde fifty feet women.

I’m looking at you, Macrophiliacs.

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Bad CGI Gator (2023)

See here’s my problem with “Bad CGI Gator.” It’s not that it takes a short coming and tries to turn it in to some kind of schlocky B movie element. It’s that the movie is only fifty eight minutes and it’s called “Bad CGI Gator.” And said Bad CGI Gator doesn’t make an appearance until at least seventeen minutes in to the movie. If you have only sixty minutes to work with, and your movie is called “Bad CGI Gator,” and you’re promising a Bad CGI Gator, I would think one would try to plaster the titular Bad CGI Gator on every frame as much as humanly possible.

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