After “IF” Watch these Five TV Shows & Movies

With the imaginary friend kids comedy currently hitting theaters and landing the box-office top spot, I thought what a better way to celebrate “IF” than watching these five TV Shows & Movies that deal in imaginary friends and monsters? I quite enjoyed “IF” (Best use of a Tina Turner song in years!) when all was said and done. It had flaws, but none that hindered the entertainment value.

These five titles should help if you have a bigger appetite for stories about imaginary friends and magical worlds featuring monsters.

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Five Favorite Music Videos Tied to Big Movies

Will Smith, Dru Hill et al for “Wild, Wild West”

With the advent of music videos going completely out of style with introduction of music streaming, a long time element of music fandom died. While there are still plenty of music videos, they no longer make or break the popularity of a single or music album. One of the best things about being a movie and music fan is that there was almost always a music video attached to the movie itself. Whether it was the movie’s theme song, or a music video directly reflecting the movie content, there was always a guarantee of a music video for a movie.

Whether it was Chad Kroeger’s “Hero,” Dokken’s “Dream Warriors,” Space Jam’s “I Believe I Can Fly,” Ray Parker’s “Ghostbusters,” or 45 Grave’s “Party Time,” there was a massive plethora of movie related music videos.

Here are five of my absolute favorites.

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Five of the Best Moments from J.LO’s “The Greatest Love Story Never Told”

Having gone viral lately for all the wrong reasons, Amazon and Jennifer Lopez recently released a documentary meant to chronicle the making of Jennifer Lopez’s cinematic iteration of her new music album “This is Me…Now: A Love Story.” “The Greatest Love Story Never Told” is filled with staged scenes, obviously scripted “candid” moments, and a ton of promotion of the new album and album tracks.

It does a great job promoting the new album and works double time in JLO’s efforts to rebrand herself as a “self-made” simple girl from the Bronx, a pigeonhole she’s evaded for years. Suffice to say that documentary is filled with silliness and absurdity. This is only a few of those moments.

“The Greatest Love Story Never Told” is now Streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Five Great Nun Movies

What with the release of the Sydney Sweeney starring horror film “Immaculate” I thought it’d be a great occasion to list five great nun-centric movies you could watch before or after “Immaculate” this weekend. While the library of movies centering on nuns is vast and diverse, these are five that I particularly enjoy. 

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Five Underrated Full Moon Movies

Full Moon is still trotting out films to this day and while they haven’t released a bonafide classic in literal years, they’re at least embracing their history and still give classic Full Moon fans their rewards and due. Being a fan of Full Moon since the old days when me and my family were at the mom and pop video store every Friday scowering the shelves for that evening’s entertainment, I thought I’d list five underrated titles from the whole Full Moon umbrella. This also includes Moonbeam, Pulse Pounders, and Monster Island, et al.

Many of these films can be found on their official streaming service, as well as Tubi TV.

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Even More Great Minority Movie Heroes

It’s Black History Month once again and in honor of the occasion I continue the series of “Great Minority Movie Heroes” which we have been running over and over for years, now. What better occasion than Black History Month than to continue listing movie heroes that are people of color? Be sure to check out the past editions of the series and let us know what some of your favorite minority movie heroes are.

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Seven Great Boutique Physical Media Labels

Most recently big chains like Target, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart have decided to stop distributing physical media like DVD and Blu-Rays both in store and online. This is all a part of the fallacious propaganda that Hollywood has been pushing that Digital media is so much more superior while Physical Media is a defunct media format. It’s been proven that digital titles don’t really belong to those that garner digital film libraries due to a plethora of legal and licensing issues.

But it’s a part of the movement Hollywood has had since the eighties to phase out physical media and ultimately take control of all of their content. Nevertheless while the big chains have fallen in to this mind set, there are still a wide array of various outlets online that specialize in physical media, from mainstream, cult, underground, horror, box sets and the like.

As an ardent proponent of physical media and its inherent value, I’m recommending seven great boutique movie labels that still sell physical media, while a few practice both digital and physical releases. These are only a few of the great labels you can seek out. 

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