Reality (2023)

Director Tina Satter’s account of the interrogation of agent Reality Winner is perhaps one of the more tense thrillers of the year. It’s filled with so much suspense and tension from the moment Reality Winner pulls up to her drive way. Although the movie is simplistic and relies on a very small cast, Tina Satter is able to evoke a ton of really edge of the seat interplay between the characters. Based on the play “Is This a Room,” the dialogue is based almost completely on the transcripts between the federal agents and Reality Winner, and the respective cast is remarkable.

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30 for 30: “The American Gladiators” Documentary is a Surprising Look Inside One of the Biggest Series of the 1990’s

If you grew up in the 1990’s as I did, the mere mention of two words: “American Gladiators,” is bound to evoke a lot of smiles and rabid discussion. For those of us that spent our younger years in the decade of the 90’s, “American Gladiators” was a pop culture phenomenon. After the immense success of professional wrestling, many people sought out to build on that by introducing their own form of sports entertainment. The closest we ever got was “American Gladiators.”

For those unaware, the series was a sports entertainment series revolving around a group of normal contestants. They’d have to go up against a group of muscular, athletic and vicious male and female athletes, all of whom had one mission to keep the competitors from winning.

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“Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai” is an Exciting Introduction to the Wider “Gremlins” Universe

It’s been almost thirty five years since we saw any semblance of “Gremlins” entertainment rear its scaley head. Now in the midst of reviving old IP’s HBO and Warner take a shot on reviving Joe Dante’s classic film series. “Secrets of the Mogwai” is thankfully built very much in the vein of the classic 1984 film, and less like “The New Batch.” It’s a dark fantasy (with charming animation obviously influenced by LAIKA Studios) with a lot of harrowing action and terror, but also revels in the inherent awe and wonder of Gizmo and the concept of the Gremlins, twisted as they may be.

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The Boulet Brothers’ Halfway to Halloween TV Special (2023)

It’s that time of year yet again, the time where we’re officially halfway to Halloween! Not one to ignore the pre-festivities, Shudder celebrates the occasion with their runaway hit, “The Boulet Brothers.” This time around the Boulet Brothers and their wicked horror loving personas pull out all the stops celebrating Halloween the best way they know how: with a classic variety show filled to the brim with blood, dark comedy, and myriad horror heavyweights.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always (2023)

After thirty years, “Once & Always” feels a lot like not just a tribute to the fans of the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” but some much needed justice. As many know, David Yost was horribly bullied when he originally joined “Power Rangers,” while Walter Jones was poorly utilized. So it’s no big surprise that the special centers mostly on Zack and Billy, two of the remaining elements of the original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.”

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“From: Season Two” Packs in More Terror and More Nagging Questions

We were granted access to Episodes 1 through 5 of “From” Season Two from MGM. Mild Spoilers abounds.

With the brand change, and the penchant for studios to cancel their series, lately fans of “From” have been aching for news about a second season. Thankfully, MGM granted fans of the high rated horror series a second season and for better and for worse, it offers up mostly the same neat twists, turns, and terror, but there are even more nagging questions that are propped up for the audience. Some fans might love this, and some might be turned off, immediately.

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“Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies” Carries the Torch of the Classic Movie Well

Like it or not, “Grease” is now a universe, and it has its own extended timeline that begins with “Rise of the Pink Ladies” and ends with “Grease 2.” That’s not particularly bad thing, especially if you loved “Grease” as much as I do–even though I’ll never budge on “Grease 2.” I still consider that movie to be immensely awful. As for “Rise of the Pink Ladies,” it’s a very good prequel series. It’s flawed, sure, but at the end of the day, it might achieve its goal of bringing in a new generation of fans. The majority of “Grease” was spent mainly following around the T Birds and focusing on their struggles with rival gangs. Although the Pink Ladies are there a lot of the time, there isn’t real emphases on their whole group dynamic.

“Rise of the Pink Ladies” ventures to explore the origins of the female gang and why their members take the name so seriously.

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Five Movies You Can Watch if you Loved “The Last of Us”

If you’ve been following “The Last of Us” for the last nine weeks, the new series based on the hit video game has become a smash hit for HBO. The apocalyptic horror drama has filled the hole that “The Walking Dead” left behind as a taut, gripping, and excellent look at humanity at the end of the world. While we anxiously wait for season two of “The Last of Us” to arrive, here are five movies you can watch to keep you satisfied.

What was your favorite episode of “The Last of Us” season one? 

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