Linnea Quigley’s Paranormal Truth

I wish I could have loved “Paranormal Truth” but the fact is that the show is about twenty years too late. The series, produced with twelve episodes, is one of the many, many (many!) documentary shows that investigates stuff about the occult that we’ve all brushed with time and time again. There’s episodes about vampires, zombies, exorcisms, devil worship, and so much more special interest stuff that you probably already know too much of.

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Moby Dick: The Radio Play (Part 2 of 2)

Cinema Crazed’s Phil Hall makes his playwriting debut with this radio drama based on the Herman Melville masterpiece. This is the second of a two-part presentation, directed and produced by J. Timothy Quirk and presented via the syndicated radio program “Nutmeg Chatter.”

The episode can be heard via this link.

Halo: The Complete Video Collection [Blu-Ray]

Shout! Factory once again comes forward with a nifty collection for fans of action, science fiction, and Halo, comprising four of the web series from the mid-aughts that chronicled the “Halo” game universe. With a tight package and a slew of great extras and bells and whistles for the fans, this video collection is strictly for the die hard Halo fanatics that want to see more of this world, and learn so much more about the Spartans and war that’s ensuing.

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You Should Watch “Freakish”

I’m not a subscriber to Hulu but my mom is, and she’s often on the hunt for horror series’, as someone whose own love for horror dwarfs my own. For the last year, she’s been insisting that I check out a show called “Freakish,” a show that she describes as a “great zombie show” and one I’d particularly love, since I tend to have a real weak spot for shows about zombies and the apocalypse. Hell, I am a regular viewer of “Fear the Walking Dead,” “The Walking Dead,” and even love “Dead Set,” so “Freakish” is kind of up my alley.

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Life Outside the Frame, Episode 1: Star Wars

Julian Palmer’s “Life Outside the Frame” has a lot of potential to be a darkly satirical web series about some of the more insignificant characters affected during some of the more major movie and TV series of all time. Touching on one of the more entertaining minutiae of “Star Wars,” Palmer decides to focus on one of the last remaining storm troopers. After the Empire fell, and the rebels won, a lot of the characters began leading normal lives.

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12 Deadly Days (YouTube Red)

From Youtube Red and Blumhouse comes, “12 Deadly Days” a limited horror comedy anthology centered on pretty much every element of traditional Christmas. The series overall isn’t perfect, but it’s a good, entertaining horror anthology that works around the format of interwoven stories in a particular universe. “12 Deadly Days” and its formula feel very similar to that of “Trick r Treat” where every story’s end is the beginning of a new tale and situation. The first episode is easily the best of the trio of episodes I was sent, as it’s a fun twist on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Set in modern times, billionaire Scrooge begins getting haunted by a ghost and calls in a pair of ghost hunters known as The Cratchit Brothers.

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