Xerox Ferox: The Wild World of the Horror Film Fanzine [Paperback]


Author John Szpunar’s “Xerox Ferox” presents itself not only as a chronicle of the horror fan magazine, but how author Chas Balun changed the horror world. Balun died in 2009 after a long fight with cancer, and left a large hole in the world of horror journalism. As well, he also left behind a long line of friends that he affected. “Xerox Ferox” doesn’t just explore the inherent passion behind horror fandom but how Balun changed horror fans’ lives forever.

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Bleeding Skull!: A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey [Paperback]


The mission statement from the Bleeding Skull website is to review only horror and trash films from the 80’s, and they’d be mostly films you never heard of, before. After compiling hundreds of reviews based on films from the 1980’s that almost no one would ever bother with, “Bleeding Skull” finally releases a compilation of some of their best written reviews of pure eighties junk.

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