Geographies of Public Sex [LA&M Film Fetish Forum]

Playing at the LA&M Film Fetish Forum Saturday, March 16th at 7pm EST; It Will Be Co-Presented by Henry Hanson of Full Spectrum Features.

“Geographies of Public Sex” is a series of eight short films curated by Henry Hanson, most of which revolve around the Gay experience and accounts of the gay lifestyle. It’s a mixed bag, admittedly, but an interesting gallery of shorts, nevertheless. 2021’s “Trade Center” from Adam Baran is the best of the bunch; it’s a fascinating documentary about cruising in the seventies and eighties, and the amount of sites in New York City where men could have sex with one another any time of the day.

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Dicks That I Like (2022) [Slamdance 2024]

The Slamdance Film Festival runs Digitally and In-Person from January 19th to January 28th.

“Dicks That I Like” from Johanna Gustin is a great documentary about taking back the power and re-claiming the whole phallic symbol once and for all. Embracing the phallic object fro the men that made their lives miserable, a group of women are able to find a sense of catharsis and take back some sense of control.

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Barbie Nation: An Unauthorized Tour (1998)

The 25th Anniversary Director’s Cut will be available on Demand June 27th.

One thing you can’t accuse Susan Stern’s documentary “Barbie Nation” of being is biased. Through and through “Barbie Nation” is a biography about the creation of Barbie, but it’s also an objective one. It’s bizarre, it’s humorous, it’s self deprecating, and most of all it reveals the pros and cons of the Barbie fandom. Director Susan Stern is a lot more interested in taking a look at the more surreal side of the Barbie fandom. While “Barbie Nation” does explore the culmination and conception of the doll, “Barbie Nation” also looks at the small pockets of fandoms that have popped up.

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Bettie Page Reveals All! (2013)

In tribute to what would have been Bettie Page’s 100th birthday on April 22nd, Music Box Films has re-released “Bettie Page Reveals All!” To this day there’s something about Bettie Page that no one can quite pin down. She’s a Conservative woman with immense charm and sexual allure, and there’s never been anyone who could top it. Even today with so many admirers and imitators, Page remains in a league of her own. She was the idea of sexual liberation in a Conservative society, and to this day she remains a symbol for repressed sexuality and liberation.

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You Got Red On You 2022

The sequel you knew was coming!

This 4th year, folx know what to expect: a calendar focusing on horror. In particular this year, its indie creators with a queen of the horror world who is a regular of indie films, big budgets, and everything in between as the cover lady. If you have not recognized her yet, she is the one and only Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist, Itsy Bitsy, a total of 119 credits to this day).

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Interview with Horror Author Hailey Piper [Women in Horror Month 2021]

Please introduce yourself a little:
Hi, I’m Hailey Piper, and thanks for having me! I write horror, with a few novellas out such as The Worm and His Kings from Off Limits Press and Benny Rose, the Cannibal King from Unnerving. I’ve had 50+ short stories published in various places such as Year’s Best Hardcore Horror, The Arcanist, Flash Fiction Online, Tales to Terrify, and elsewhere. I live with my wife in Maryland, and I’m trying not to upend reality too much.

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Interview with Horror Author Caitlin Marceau [Women in Horror Month 2021]

For Women in Horror Month 2021 I talk with Caitlin Marceau, an author and columnist who has worked in the horror genre extensively. She discusses working in the genre with various writing formats, and gives advice to other writers. She also discusses her latest book “Home: An anthology of dark microfiction.”

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