Carmine Capobianco (1958 – 2021)

Carmine Capobianco, the underground film actor who starred in the memorable flicks “Psychos in Love,” “Galactic Gigolo” and “The Land of College Prophets,” passed away on January 9 at the age of 62 following a long fight against cancer.

Carmine was Phil Hall’s guest on this episode of “The Online Movie Show,” where he discussed his colorful career.


Carmine Capobianco: Underground Film Icon

Carmine Capiobianco is the beloved star of such below-the-radar/over-the-top classics as “Psychos in Love,” “Galactic Gigolo,” “Land of College Prophets,” “Bikini Bloodbath” and “The Sins of Dracula.” Most recently, he starred in Debbie Rochon’s “Model Hunger” and the documentary “VHS Massacre.” On today’s show, Carmine discusses his illustrious career in underground cinema with host Phil Hall.

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The episode can be heard at this link.