Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)


“They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Ed Brubaker’s acclaimed source material is the basis for “The Winter Soldier,” a remarkable and incredible follow-up to 2011’s “Captain America.” I’m very secure in declaring that “The Winter Soldier” is the “Empire Strikes Back” of the Captain America trilogy thus far, as the sequel manages to not only give Captain America the much needed conflict with his American ideals, and age old views on the concept of freedom and liberty, but turns him in to a hero who is no longer fighting for America, but for the idea of America. “The Winter Soldier” picks up right after “The Avengers” where Captain America has essentially taken to SHIELD headquarters as a home base, and doesn’t really keep in touch with his old teammates.

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Conspiracy Cinema: Propaganda, Politics, and Paranoia [Paperback]

The reason why society hasn’t completely written off certain conspiracy theories is that decades after the introduction of certain theories, some of them have turned out to be true. Many people write off or dismiss conspiracies and the people that believe them, as quacks or nut jobs. Most times many people conclude that conspiracies and their believers are merely trying to find rationale in a senseless world, and feed off of their conclusions. But to them, someday they will be proven correct. It’s happened before with certain conspiracy theories once thought completely insane or moronic, and there is a fraction of society that are firm in their stance that we’ve yet to see the secrets unfold before our very eyes.

Author David Ray Carter doesn’t so much build a reference guide of movies that contain conspiracies, or movies about conspiracies, but offers up a very detailed guide of movies that are about some of the most unusual and popular conspiracies of all time. The author thankfully takes an objective tone for much of the book, allowing the reader to pretty much approach the material with an interest and an open mind. Much of this will be ridiculous upon first glance, and some of it may seem absolutely moronic, but the point of the book is to keep an open mind and consider that there are people that actually subscribe to these theories and will go to war for them. I can only imagine how mentally exhausted author David Ray Carter must have been combing through all of the titles for the book, but lo and behold, there are so many documentaries here for consumption that will appeal to the interested viewer.

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Edge of Darkness (2010) (DVD)

edgeofdarknessr1art1Based on the critically acclaimed BBC Mini series, director Martin Campbell’s revenge thriller is a hefty mixing of genres that begins as a family drama, continues on as a revenge action film and ends as a conspiracy mystery where Mel Gibson is able to shine yet again as grieving single father Thomas Craven. Possessing a passable and forgivable Boston accent, Gibson as Craven is a man whose life has garnered him a distance from his only living family member, his daughter Emma. Noticeably disturbed and ill, Emma and Thomas re-connect and attempt to seal their relationship but all fate is sealed when a sick Emma is shot outside of Thomas’ house by a masked gunman. Working outside the law, Thomas decides that there is much more to the murder than meets the eye, and he begins unraveling a mystery that is beyond anything he could have imagined.

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Flightplan (2005)

flightplan-screenThese days I don’t expect masterpieces anymore. I just don’t. Film has progressed to the point where you just can’t expect greatness no matter how much you doubt yourself, and I rarely see films these days that I can say with all honesty was flawless. Of course, that’s almost impossible. With “Flightplan” I didn’t expect it to be a masterpiece, nor did I expect it to be a great film, but I wanted pretty damn good. And they couldn’t even serve me up that. Since when does ninety-three minutes of “Where’s my daughter?! I want to find my daughter!” qualify as a good movie these days? I want to know. Because, I can’t muster up the logic in the success of this film, this mediocre piece of crap.

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Brokeback Conspiracy?

brokeback-mountain[1]Did you see the Oscars?

Most people who did said it was possibly the most boring presentation in years. That seems to be the consensus, but many people can also agree it’s been the most controversial airing of all time.

On March 5th, After a four hour ceremony, and many mixed reviews, audiences shared a worldwide gasp of shock and horror as the announcer declared “And the Oscar goes to: Crash”. I personally was also rather shocked (not horrified) as “Brokeback” was expected to sweep the Oscars, and yet only really won for technical awards.

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Three Days of the Condor (1975)

Surely, this is one of those obscure classics that people should know more about, and should really talk more about, but alas, it isn’t, and that’s a damn shame. My favorite heroes be it literary, cinematic, or otherwise, were the brainy heroes, and the reluctant heroes, two of which are represented here in this Redford classic about espionage, action, adventure, and government paranoia.

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