The Bulls’ Night Out (2000)

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Although Lindley Farley’s crime thriller was filmed in 1998, it feels so much like a displaced hidden gem that feels like it was made in 1978. It often watches like a gritty entry from William Friedkin or Don Siegel (I mean that as a compliment). It’s pretty awesome how well directed and composed “The Bulls’ Night Out” is as it’s teeming with top notch collective talent as well as an engaging narrative. “The Bulls’ Night Out” is that classic crime thriller about aging crime fighter trying to adjust to a new world where crime is much different than it was when they were younger.

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Jericho Ridge (2024)

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If you’re looking for a tightly packed and well-constructed classic siege action thriller than “Jericho Ridge” might be the cure that ails you. I was frankly very surprised with how well Will Gilbey was able to compose such a tense and well-crafted picture on what looks like a pretty small budget. The flaws reveal themselves in small increments, but they thankfully never hinder what is a movie so worthy of experiencing. “Jericho Ridge” owes a lot to “Assault on Precinct 13” where Gilbey pits one lone Sheriff against a skilled group of criminals, all of whom are trying to infiltrate her only strong hold.

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Ocean’s Trilogy [4K Ultra HD/Digital]

Since it’s been about a year since we’ve seen the “Ocean’s Trilogy” released on physical format, Warner unleashes the trilogy of crime thrillers once again for physical media collectors. Yes, this time the individual movies from the “Ocean’s series was released in individual Steelbooks and a pair of specially packaged movies for the hardcore base of these trilogy of crime drama comedies. Oddly missing from the whole shebang is the original Frank Sinatra “Ocean’s Eleven,” as well as the abysmal female led “Ocean’s 8.” Maybe someday the fans will get a complete, ultimate edition with the whole series for their library, but for now this covers the basic trio of movies that gave us back the ensemble vanity project.

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Night Falls on Manhattan (1996) [ARROW VIDEO LIMITED EDITION] 

Out on Blu-ray on May 7, 2024, from Arrow Video   

Manhattan, mid-1990s, a young district attorney suddenly finds himself in the middle of a case that could make or break his career. This case will affect those around him just as much as himself, adding to the pressure. 

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