Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981)

Now Available at Melusine.

I was first introduced to Annie Sprinkle during the heyday of HBO when she appeared on the documentary series “Real Sex.” She was promoting one of her sex positive film festivals, as well as taking photos with willing fans donning a bare chest and angel wings. Some how that image never left my brain over twenty years later, and that’s simply Annie’s style. Annie is a self-aware and slickly tongue in cheek porn icon who spent much of the seventies starring in a ton of porn films and never had a limit to what she was into.

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The Last Repair Shop (2023)

Now Officially Available to Stream on Youtube and Screening in Theaters.

Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers’ Oscar nominated documentary is a wonderful look at music and the human connection it can provide. In a world where less and less human contact is being explored, music is one of the last bastions we have where we’re capable of not only connecting with one another mentally, but emotionally, and sometimes physically. “The Last Repair Shop” is about the fragility and art of music and the instruments that make them.

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The ABC’s of Book Banning (2023)

Can now be Streamed on Paramount Plus. 

Director Sheila Nevins’ Oscar nominated short is an Important film and one that provides a scathing indictment of the American Education system and our head on collision with fascism and anti-intellectualism across the board. With the rise of smaller special interest groups, the idea of book banning has become a niche topic for aspiring politicians seeking power, thus creating a maelstrom of controversy. Rather than comment on the entire absurdity herself, director Nevins hands the platform over to a group of prepubescent children.

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The Greatest Night In Pop (2024)

Now Streaming Exclusively on Netflix.

In 1985, Quincy Jones teamed up with Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie to create one of the biggest music hits of the 1980’s. It also happened to be one of the biggest bits of performative activism ever staged for a worldwide audience. While America was in the throes of the Regan era, more and more celebrities stepped up not only to act as idols but as activists striving for some kind of change. With “The Greatest Night in Pop,” Bao Nguyen chronicles the making of “We Are The World.” The surefire hit and Grammy Winner became a legendary anthem for activism teaming up some of the all time greatest singers of the 1980’s who stepped on to sing.

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Dicks That I Like (2022) [Slamdance 2024]

The Slamdance Film Festival runs Digitally and In-Person from January 19th to January 28th.

“Dicks That I Like” from Johanna Gustin is a great documentary about taking back the power and re-claiming the whole phallic symbol once and for all. Embracing the phallic object fro the men that made their lives miserable, a group of women are able to find a sense of catharsis and take back some sense of control.

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The Death Tour (2024) [Slamdance 2024]

The Slamdance Film Festival runs Digitally and In-Person from January 19th to January 28th.

Directors Stephan Peterson and Sonya Ballantyne’s documentary is probably one of the most important and meaningful documentaries about the art of pro wrestling ever released. It’s a movie just not about the love and sacrifice for the art form, but also a documentary about the marginalized and how more and more the indigenous community is quietly being pushed out off the edges of Canada and being transformed in to a sea of blank and forgotten people. Stephan Peterson and Sonya Ballantyne chronicle the weeks long tour across Manitoba known as “The Death Tour” where a group of pro wrestlers visit various indigenous and small communities in the dead of winter to perform for children and families.

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Invaluable: The True Story of an Epic Artist (2014) [Blu-Ray]

Now Available from Synapse Films.

Behind every good movie series there are the fans that help fuel it and Tom Sullivan is probably one of the biggest and best of them all. One of the biggest indie horror success stories is Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” and how it rose from low budget feature to horror masterpiece. It wasn’t an overnight success but one that was helped by the fervent love and passion by its creators Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Tom Sullivan. Sullivan was one of the FX artists that helped Sam Raimi engineer “Within the Woods” in to “The Evil Dead” and worked very hard on “The Evil Dead.”

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The Bootleg Files: Naked Yoga

BOOTLEG FILES 851: “Naked Yoga” (1974 Oscar-nominated short).

LAST SEEN: On YouTube and Internet Archive.


REASON FOR BOOTLEG STATUS: It fell deep through the proverbial cracks.


It has been said that the 1970s was the decade that good taste forgot, and that cogent designation is on full display in a 1974 short film called “Naked Yoga.” The film earned a footnote in cinema history as being among that year’s nominees in the Academy Award competition for Best Documentary Short Subject.
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