Wonderful Paradise (2020) (Nouten Paradise) [Fantasia Film Festival 2021] 

As a family is forced to sell their house and move, the teenage daughter posts a general invitation on social media to come party in the backyard. As strangers and acquaintances show up, things get weirder and weirder. 

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The Last Thing Mary Saw (2021) [Fantasia Film Festival 2021]

Two young women find themselves at the center of unwanted attention after they are accused to evil doings. As they only love each other and are under scrutiny, the family’s matriarch dies under mysterious circumstances and everything comes falling onto the two young women. 

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Glasshouse (2021) [Fantasia Film Festival 2021] 

In this post-apocalyptic take on The Beguiled, a toxin called The Shred gets in the air and erases parts of people’s memories, giving them symptoms resembling dementia. In the midst of this, a family lives in a glasshouse, doing everything the mother believes necessary to survives. That is until a stranger comes into their lives and between the two sisters. 

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Fantasia Will Amaze Ya

Walt Disney’s 1940 masterpiece is in the spotlight on this week’s edition of “The Online Movie Show,” with film critic Jerry Roberts offering his input on the creation of this avant-garde animated feature and how it evolved from a box office flop into a timeless classic.

The episode can be heard here.