The Bootleg Files: The Laverne & Shirley Reunion

BOOTLEG FILES 841: “The Laverne & Shirley Reunion” (1995 television special celebrating the popular sitcom).

LAST SEEN: On YouTube.


REASON FOR BOOTLEG STATUS: No perceived reissue value.

It should have been included in DVD releases of the series.

In 1995, ABC decided to offer a 20th anniversary tribute to “Laverne & Shirley,” one of the network’s most popular programs in the late 1970s. While audiences enjoyed the show (at least for its first four seasons before the ratings crashed), there were reports during its production about the two stars, Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams, not having the most harmonious working relationship. This partnership ended badly with Williams leaving the show at the start of the eighth season amid litigation – the actress was pregnant, but the network insisted she continue performing her character’s knockabout comedy despite her condition.
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Mother’s Day (2016) [Blu-Ray/Digital]

Sadly, ever since “Love Actually” became a standard of the holiday, Hollywood has enlisted hokey melodrama director Garry Marshall to give us a new holiday based ensemble piece of garbage almost every year. “Mother’s Day” is the latest insidious melodrama about a group of very rich, very healthy Caucasian people bickering about how hard their lives are. One character played by Jennifer Aniston, even decides to throw a humongous party for her sons, just because. Man, can you imagine what would happen if these people ever stepped out of their bubbles? “Mother’s Day” is about mother’s day, the mother of all holidays, everyone seems to be obsessed with mother’s day, and they talk about mother’s day because, mothers!

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