Rock and Roll Terrorist: The Graphic Life of Shock Rocker GG Allin (and Coloring Book)

It’s hard to believe that anything in “Rock and Roll Terrorist” ever actually happened. But then you look up GG Allin online and then you’re kind of shocked that GG Allin ever happened. GG Allin is a hotly debated and still polarizing figure in rock and roll, he was a man who could be described in so many ways by so many people. Criminal. Sadist. Messiah. Troll. Icon. Rapist. Rockstar. Scumfuck. He’s a man that doesn’t quite fit one peg and that’s just how he liked it.

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I Luv Halloween


Well, I never expected “I Luv Halloween” to be so… unusual. Surely, I was expecting a demented bit of Halloween celebration within a three volume graphic novel, but the Tokyo Pop tale of a group of kids who trick or treat no matter what, is kind of compelling. Compelling in that it’s often gory, sick, twisted, and features a group of children that take Halloween more seriously than I do. How often do you see a small girl bash a kid’s head in with a large rock with a bra, and pulling out his teeth joyfully after he steals her candy? Molars, yay!

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The Top Ten "Kick Ass" Moments

Well, it’s coming, yet another superhero comic adaptation but thankfully this one is different. If you’ve never read it before, “Kick-Ass” is not so much about superheroes as it is about regular narcissistic everyday people putting on costumes and trying to fight crime and somehow finding themselves becoming real costumed superheroes when they just happen to crash in to a real life villain who wants them dead at all costs. There’s a violent karate fighting nine year old, a lot of really disgusting violence, and a storyline that is more realistic than most comic books tend to be. “Kick-Ass” does not stylize being a superhero. It’s rough to read.

Coming up on April 16th is the big screen version with an interesting cast who are threatening to take the box-office by storm and if you’ve ever seen the appealing trailers, you’ll know that we’re in for something quite spectacular. After reading the comic series a while ago, I thought it’d be good to pinpoint the top ten moments in “Kick-Ass” that particularly disturbed or excited us. Believe it or not, “Kick-Ass” is quite a good comic with a creator who managed to make history in comics by creating “Wanted,” another very violent comic turned in to a hit movie starring Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. “Kick-Ass” is a bit more conventional, but damn it looks quite good in spite of Millar’s apparent homophobia and penchant for racial stereotyping. So without further ado…

Warning, since the comic is somewhat similar to the movie, there will be potential spoilers.

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