Our Ten Favorite Bad Ass Monster Hunters

Last weekend we were introduced to a hidden era of one of the nation’s finest president when we learned Abraham Lincoln was in fact a vampire hunter in his prime. The film from Timur Bekmambetov has made waves with horror fans and enthusiasts alike and we look forward to seeing where his exploits bring him with his mighty axe in tow. In celebration of the film, we mulled over our ten favorite bad ass monster hunters from pop culture and celebrated the good guys who look out for the little guy against the big bads looming in the darkness.

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Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #4 of 4

For the past four episodes we’ve witnessed what was once the mysterious origin of Cassie Hack. And when all is said and done, I would have liked it to remain mysterious. When “Hack Slash” made its transformation from Devil’s Due title to Image Comics title, there of course had to be changes made. And this series is basically starting over. Sure it’s telling stories not even the old fans have ever read, but it’s basically taking all of the past storylines and completely ignoring and forgetting them.

For now, I hope. The demon dog, the supporting characters, Cassie’s connection to past slashers, the revelation she is likely a lesbian, it’s all gone. Again I’m not sure what creator Tim Seely is planning for future issues, but the entire saga is restarting and I’m just so anxious for the narrative to get back to where it used to be.

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Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #3 of 4

Well up until the third issue, “My First Maniac” was a decent prequel to the Hack/Slash run on the Image tag. While I miss Vlad, and every other supporting character, I’ve been giving Cassie Hack and her first adventure in to the slasher realm a fair chance and this third issue really hasn’t been doing it for me. Mostly where the issue should be mostly about being a slasher throwback it instead takes itself very seriously and doesn’t seem to be having any fun with the concept at all.

I’m still not sure if this is the same Cassie Hack from Devil’s Due, and I’m still trying to figure out the elements of this villain. Not only are the supporting characters so utterly boring and tedious to endure, but Cassie is also having the life sucked out of her by these vapid characters all of whom lack any form of empathy.

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Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #2 of 4

See, I understand what the purpose of this prequel is. Before now, Cassie Hack’s origin has only been told in bits and pieces here and there. We know about her mom, we know she became a slasher hunter, and we know somewhere down the road she eventually met Vlad and they paired up to fight evil.

But it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if we went back to the normal flow of the series with the normal characters. While I definitely want to know about Cassie Hack and her story, I miss the other characters. It’s tough to sit and read an issue without Vlad harping poetic about his latest kill, or the Hack/Slash team helping the duo along for the ride with pokes at the slasher genre.

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Hack/Slash My First Maniac #1 of 4

This is the story of Cassandra Hack, a young nerdy woman whose own insults and tormented high school life led her tortured obese mother to seek revenge on all of the young girls who made Cassandra’s life difficult and painful. Cassandra lived to see her mother become a classic slasher, a woman called the lunch lady who hung and mutilated and devoured these girls and it was up to Cassie to bring her down once and for all.

Now that Tim Seely and “Hack/Slash” have moved from Devil’s Due to the higher profile Image comics to stand alongside the greats like The Walking Dead and Invincible, Seely and co. are working backward now to tell the story of Cassie Hack and how she became Cassie Hack and learned to hunt down the undead killers known as “Slashers.”

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Hackoween #1

Okay, so see if this makes sense to you: Cassie and Vlad, having been called in to the future by a mysterious being, find that Halloween Man is fighting a horde of the walking dead who I can assume were once superheroes. Cassie, finding no other recourse in defeating Halloween Man based on the info from a mysterious being they have no knowledge of, Cassie cores the zombie from the robotic armor that so happens to fit her, squeezes in to it and so happens to be able to operate the robotic machinery to take on Halloween Man.

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Hack/Slash #15 Featuring Re-Animator Part 1 of 3

514192-0000As if “Hack/Slash” didn’t have enough potential in the horror genre to be fixed to any of the slasher characters, creator Tim Seely and Devil’s Due are finally teaming her up with the unexpected but surprisingly apt Herbert West, a character who seems perfectly at home in this series. Especially when he manages to re-animate Cassie Hack’s mom/slasher The Lunch Lady. Ooh, he’s a bastard is what he is. I’ve been anxious to read this team-up since it was announced a few months ago, and part one of this three parter is finally here in thirty one pages of horrific glory.

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Hack/Slash & Suicide Girls: Murder Suicide

HackSlashAnnualB“You should not dis internet boobies, yes?” – Vlad

Cassie Hack and the Suicide Girls go together like mud and naked women wrestling. It’s a perfect fit. Tim Seely’s quasi-Gothic angst ridden monster hunter has finally come across the group of Suicide Girls, alternative, punk rock web models who are absolutely beautiful and popular among enthusiasts of tasteful erotica. This cross promotional stint has been rather entertaining and “Murder Suicide” is no exception. At thirty seven pages, “Murder Suicide” is the right balance of comedy, horror, and memorable innovation that has made me a big fan of this franchise since it started.

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