The Five Best Segments of “Creepshow” Season Two

“Creepshow” hasn’t been a perfect revival, but it’s garnered some great enthusiasm that’s made it a modern reboot that’s worth watching. Filled with some great performances, sick tales, and excellent gore, “Creepshow” has ensured a long stay, especially with the second season stepping up its game. The new release from Shudder and AMC packs all six episodes on to the Blu-Ray along with some great extras and I compiled five of the best segments of the second season you should look out for.

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1981’s “Dark Night of the Scarecrow” is the Perfect Halloween Tale

You could pretty much build an entire library of horror films based on or around scarecrows and their tendencies to provoke or be involved in inherent horror or the supernatural. There’s just something so mystifying about the scarecrow where horror creators always go back to that same device, and most times it works. Take 1981’s “Dark Night of the Scarecrow.” The horror thriller by Director Frank De Felitta and writer J.D. Feigelson, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, was unleashed on the CBS Network and managed to build a pretty loyal cult following over the years.

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Halloween Kills (2021)

Director David Gordon Green simultaneously delivers a sequel that does something completely new with “Halloween” and also promises to divide horror fans down the middle. There is no horror movie in 2021 that promises to polarize horror fans more than “Halloween Kills.” Rather than a movie that features Michael Myers killing, killing, and killing some more, David Gordon Green goes a different route and explores the fall out from his murder spree in 1978 and 2018.

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Ranking Michael Myers’ Masks from Best to Worst

Yes, I know, I’m not the first to rank all of Michael Myers’ masks from the “Halloween” movie series, and I won’t be the last. But I figure since the highly anticipated “Halloween Kills” premieres on Friday and it features another alteration on “The Shape” and his guise, that it would be a good time to explore which of Michael’s many masks I loved and which I despised. The ranking just might surprise you. I know it surprised me. Michael has had so many different masks over the course of his film series due to various production issues and creative turns, so what better way to celebrate the impending release of the David Gordon Green sequel?

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Under Wraps (2021)

I guess the mission statement for Disney lately is to modernize a lot of their classics, no matter how big or small by—copying them to the tee. “Under Wraps” is the much anticipated remake of the original 1997 TV movie that doesn’t realty offer a new angle toward the movie. Even though it’s a perfectly good Halloween treat and solid DCOM, it misses out on emphasizing the more emotional themes the original didn’t.

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Under Wraps (1997)

I don’t know why but “Under Wraps” is one of those DCOM’s that slipped right by me as a kid. I loved the DCOM’s when I was a kid and I still watch them to this day if they interest me. Despite having seen most of them, “Under Wraps” never crossed paths with me. That’s a shame since Greg Beeman’s film is pretty much peak Disney Channel TV movie entertainment. There are cameos from Disney channel stars, a reliable child cast, and a lovable monster. There’s also the Halloween back drop that completes the full circle turning the movie in to a mini-Halloween classic.

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Halloween Horror Month 2021 Has Begun! Don’t Forget to Wear You Masks!

It’s our favorite time of year, October! It’s the time where we begin celebrating our favorite holiday of the year. The holiday goes by many names including Samhain, Hallowe’en, All Soul’s Day, Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve, or just Halloween. Whatever you celebrate it as, however you celebrate it, it’s the best time of year,

We hope you enjoy the next 31 days of horror flavored Halloween fun on Cinema Crazed.

We sure will.

10/31 Part II (2019)

I’m elated with the fact that a lot of indie filmmakers these days have delivered so many Halloween-centric genre films. Whether good or bad, there’s practically a whole new sub-genre now, and we’re treated with “10/31, Part II.” The sequel to the surprisingly very good Halloween based horror anthology, “10/31, Part II” offers much of the same Halloween based horror stories, all delivering some unique concepts and narratives that kept the experience lively and surprising.

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