The Vampire Lovers (1970) [Blu-ray]

The goddess Ingrid Pitt roams the European Countryside spreading lesbianism–er–vampirism to hapless farms and mansions as the dreaded Mircalla. Pitt is at her absolute sexiest in one of the most erotic Hammer films ever made. Pitt stars as the buxom and desirable Mircalla who masquerades as damsels and maidens thanks to her handler. Left at the manors of her hosts for weekends, she insinuates herself in to the family, and eventually seduces the innocent taut daughters of the owners of the house, engaging in affairs, eventually transforming them in to her own vampiric minions. Pitt absolutely glows on screen as the irresistible Mircalla who worms her way in to households across the countryside, and takes every chance to romance young daughters whose lives are filled with monotony and suppression.

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