The Bootleg Files: The Second Shot Kills

BOOTLEG FILES 781: “The Second Shot Kills” (1972 fan film of the 007 franchise made by Welsh teenagers).

LAST SEEN: On YouTube.


REASON FOR BOOTLEG STATUS: Getting this released commercially is a bit tricky.


This week, everyone with even the faintest connection to film scholarship has been writing articles in advance of the U.S. premiere of the new James Bond film “No Time To Die.” However, there is a more intriguing 007 film that deserves attention – one that you probably never knew existed.
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Best of Bond… James Bond: 50th Anniversary Collection (Digital)

I am by no means a James Bond fan. I am one of the few people in the world that have never seen an actual James Bond film in full. Granted, I am a big fan of Daniel Craig and Sean Connery, but the film series never called out to me. However while I am not a Bond fan nor have I ever seen an actual Bond film in full, I am very much aware of the music behind the Bond films.

For fans of the film series, “Best of Bond…” is a remarkable and utterly incredible compilation of the some of the best and most iconic Bond music ever made. From scores to soundtracks and themes, this music compilation has it all. And then some.

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Devil May Care – New James Bond Novel [Hardcover]

This is a different kind of James Bond. This is the James Bond who is not really needed at his agency very much anymore. After his last battle, he’s now taken a forced sabbatical after being driven to clerical duties and then forced in to relaxation and wealth. There’s a brand new agent working for Universal that’s taken over his duties, and Bond is having a considerably hard time facing that.

It may seem like an eye roll and a groan to the average reader, but Bond is basically stir crazy when we first meet him at the beginning of “Devil Maycare.” He smokes foreign cigarettes, already has a routine that screams monotony, and a seemingly random murder of a young Middle Eastern man has suddenly become so important that it’s pulled Bond out of his sabbatical of woeful relaxation and considerable obsoletion in to the duties of 007 once again.

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