Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas (2012)

9003975As a follow-up to “Summer Camp Massacre,” Caesar and Otto’s latest adventure with psychopaths and horror icons isn’t quite as good. It definitely has its share of laughs and head scratching moments that have become standard with the comedy duo of Caesar and Otto, but the sad part of “Deadly X-Mas” is that it really loses steam in the final ten minutes. In either case, Caesar and Otto are able to come out looking great in the end as one of the few comedy duos with antics built on and around the horror film. They’ve confronted almost every situation imaginable, and still haven’t died.

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Talking with Lloyd Kaufman: Tromadance, Toxie, and Tits

His name is Lloyd Kaufman. For fans of cult cinema and indie filmmaking, the name rings like a doorbell to some of the unusual most twisted films ever conceived by the human mind. To us, the man has been a proponent of what we advocate here on Cinema Crazed: Independent Filmmaking to the very core. Sick and tired of the bloated and corrupt submission guidelines and festival scene that is the Sundance Film Festival, every year for twelve years, Lloyd Kaufman and Tromaniacs throw the the TromaDance film festival.

There’s no entry fee. There’s no ticket price. The only catch is to bring your best film and be ready for some fun. This year we were honored to grab an opportunity to interview Mr. Lloyd Kaufman during his press junket for Tromadance storms New Jersey, and we’re honored to speak to the man who has pushed the very ideals of independent filmmaking for decades and, unlike other filmmakers of his ilk, has actually stuck to his guns even his age where he’s become a bona fide icon among the masses of cult fans, indie filmmaking fans, and horror buffs across the world.

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Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)

Arbie: I’ll believe in the supernatural when I see it, talking sandwich.

So I sat down at my chair, popped in the movie and sat prepared to watch another shit fest from Troma. I’m somewhat of an anti-Troma pusher, so I was not looking forward to this. And my eventual reactions were a varying degree of disgust, horror, disbelief, and amusement. I laughed. And I laughed a lot. I’d even go so far to say that “Poultrygeist” is quite excellent. It’s something of a demented twist that it took Native American chicken zombies to finally get me to like a Troma movie, and trust me I had no intention of enjoying “Poultrygeist,” so much. But from the ridiculous opening to the horribly catchy musical numbers, Lloyd Kaufman has created a very memorable bit of horror comedy that may just lure more anti-Troma individuals like me.

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Prison-A-Go-Go! (2003)

prisonagogoninjaI have no aversion to women in prison movies. No, sir, I do not. I happen to enjoy good schlock when it’s done well, and I happen to enjoy flicks like “Cellblock Sisters.” When I caught wind of “Prison A-Go-Go!”, I was utterly intrigued. It’s not often you get a movie that’s intended to be schlock these days. Some directors just make bad movies and pretend its schlock, and many attempt schlock but fail miserably. “Prison A-Go-Go!” gets it right most of the time. “

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