Diabolique Magazine No. 18 (Nov/Dec 2013) [Magazine]


I think in a past life I was a doomsday survivalist, because you just have to say “apocalypse” and my ears perk up with interest. The November/December issue of “Diabolique” is all about the apocalypse, and how it’s been depicted through various forms of film, television, and literature. And it’s not a slapdash compilation of articles. As is the case with “Diabolique” the articles about the popularity of apocalyptic entertainment in today’s media are beautifully written and insightful. And you can’t really scoff at their dedication to “28 Days Later” and Richard Matheson.

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Xerox Ferox: The Wild World of the Horror Film Fanzine [Paperback]


Author John Szpunar’s “Xerox Ferox” presents itself not only as a chronicle of the horror fan magazine, but how author Chas Balun changed the horror world. Balun died in 2009 after a long fight with cancer, and left a large hole in the world of horror journalism. As well, he also left behind a long line of friends that he affected. “Xerox Ferox” doesn’t just explore the inherent passion behind horror fandom but how Balun changed horror fans’ lives forever.

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Gorezone #28 [Magazine]


I never actually read “Gorezone” when I was a kid. Heck, I never read “Fangoria” until I was a teenager. But after apparent demand by fans for many years, “Gorezone” was brought back after being cancelled after twenty seven issues. “Gorezone” is a less mainstream and more blood soaked sub-magazine for Fangoria that takes more risks, even if it’s definitely slimmer on the read. Right now the editor’s letter admits the newly revived magazine is in its testing stages and may continue adding sections, or stripping them from every issue. Right now, it’s a fun and unique magazine with interesting features.

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Diabolique Magazine No. 17 (Aug/Sep 2013) [Magazine]


For folks who want to avoid all the insider stuff you can usually find on the internet, “Diabolique” ventures to offer something different in the horror spectrum. There’s less focus on the Hollywood aspect of horror, and more on the more underground anti-establishment perspective that horror aficionados will definitely appreciate. This is the first time in a while I’ve read a magazine without skipping past a section I just didn’t want to waste time on. The centerpiece of the magazine is the wonderful history of the horror comedy.

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Girls and Corpses Volume #7 “Nuclear” Summer [Magazine]


For fans of gore and horror, the number one necrophilia/horror magazine is back with their nuclear summer issue. Celebrating the end of the world, the magazine is still strictly for folks with a strong stomach and not for the faint of heart. After a very good letter from magazine founder Robert Rhine about the nuclear apocalypse, there’s an interview with GWAR founder Oderus Urungus about the band’s history, his association with horror director Adam Green, and the group’s newest album. “Talkin’ Street Trash” is a great interview with writer and producer Roy Frumkes, who discusses his dark horror comedy “Street Trash,” which has just been granted a brand spanking new edition on Blu-Ray this year. Frumkes speaks of his experience with special effects, his history with “Street Trash,” his days as a zombie on “Dawn of the Dead,” and various other projects.

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Girls and Corpses: Volume #7 [Magazine]

gandc-springThe girl can’t help it. “Girls and Corpses” celebrates their Spring volume by bringing aboard their own bonafide spring hotty, Courtney Stodden. Whether or not you’re a fan, there’s no denying the news savvy highly publicized Stodden is insanely hot, and “Girls and Corpses” takes advantage of her photo shoot, making sure to show off how Stodden manages to keep every page of her photo spread burning to the touch.

There’s even a delectable fold out poster for folks who want to appreciate Stodden every single day of the year. Stodden is definitely a model for the horror magazine that will keep readers turning back to her spread again, and again, and she takes full zeal in her new cover shoot by posing with her very own corpse groom. One very lucky corpse groom.

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Playboy: The Nude Marilyn [Magazine]

The most iconic and groundbreaking erotic magazine for men in the world, has sought out to celebrate another icon: The one and only Marilyn Monroe. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the starlet’s unfortunate death, Playboy Magazine has dug in to millions of their archival photos in their database and has shared with fans an exclusive spread of Monroe’s nude shots, some of which have never been seen before. One can only imagine what continues to keep the world enticed and allured by Marilyn Monroe, and why, in spite of her tragic life and terrible end, young female starlets and actresses alike continue to emulate and worship the woman. Monroe was clearly in a league of her own, a bombshell of a beauty who defined sexuality and approached all forms of sexual appeal without batting an eye. She was sensual but humble, daring but innocent, vivacious but modest, and gave a smile that many modern female stars simply can not duplicate. Mostly though, she was an angel without wings.

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