Five Great Nun Movies

What with the release of the Sydney Sweeney starring horror film “Immaculate” I thought it’d be a great occasion to list five great nun-centric movies you could watch before or after “Immaculate” this weekend. While the library of movies centering on nuns is vast and diverse, these are five that I particularly enjoy. 

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The Leather Archives & Museum is thrilled to continue Fetish Film Forum, a new monthly screening series about sex, relationships, and art. These ten erotic films spanning nine countries and six decades are stunning explorations of fetish, kink, leather, and BDSM.

Many folks in this world have made room for Christ, but we’re making room for Cristiana: Devil Nun. Sexually liberated Cristiana enjoys sex on a plane in front of the other passengers until a storm hits and sends them plummeting from the sky. She begs her higher power for help and promises to become a nun if their lives are spared. The pilot immediately regains control of the plane, and Cristiana soon enters a convent where sex remains an everlasting temptation….

This screening of Cristiana: Devil Nun is co-presented by Corinne Halbert, a psychedelic horror artist obsessed with 1970s cult films and vintage comics. She is also the creator of Acid Nun.

Trailer for Cristiana: Devil Nun can be found here.

Fetish Film Forum trailer can be found here.

Full synopsis and ticketing can be found on the LA&M’s website here.

The Nunsploitation Convent Collection (DVD)

Available in on 2500 Limited Edition Copies, Cult Epics has released the ultimate in nunsploitation double features pairing two of the most iconic nunsploitation films of all time “School of the Holy Beast” and “Behind Convent Calls” together, and attaching a new restoration along with fantastic features for all collectors. “School of the Holy Beast” is the definition of the nunsploitation sub-genre. It’s a wonky, surreal, and demented piece of Asian drama with some of the most memorable moments I’ve ever seen in the Grindhouse motif. Most importantly it has an odd sense of humor that make it worthy of many laughs, but ones that will assuredly be of the uncomfortable sort.

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Nun of That (2009)

nunofthatpremtrailernewsI really should not have loved this as much as I did. In all honesty, I sat through “Nun of That” thinking I should rightfully despise every minute of this, but… I didn’t. In the end, “Nun of That” is a hilarious, action packed ode to nunsploitation and the grindhouse motif that fuels an otherwise ridiculous, over the top action bonanza. There’s a nun in a club stripping before she eliminates a full house of Italian stereotypes, a martial arts Jew assassin who chucks deadly Stars of David and a razor edged yarmulke, there’s Ghandi teaching Sister Wrath how to fight with demon ninjas, and there’s Jesus Christ who engages in a musical number that is shockingly memorable and catchy. All of which is played with deadpan insistence from its sharp cast who seem to truly enjoy being in this movie.

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Nude Nuns with Big Guns (2010)


Director Joseph Guzman’s ode to the grindhouse devices of the seventies is an admirable and often times entertaining take on nunsploitation while also delving in the realms of sexploitation, and revenge fare. Ever since “Grindhouse” indie directors have constantly attempts to mimic the same gloss and nods Tarantino and Rodriguez strived for and–as I’ve seen–many indie directors have pulled it off. Some of them, like Guzman, do it even better than the alleged master filmmakers ever did. Because unlike the former pair, the indie directors have little to work with, and must rely on creativity where budget fails. “Nude Nuns with Big Guns” is not so much a nunsploitation film as it is a Southern fried take on Bo Arne Vibenius’ classic “Thriller a Cruel Picture.”

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