Available on Blu-ray from Radiance Films 

A couple going through the possible end of their marriage goes back and forth arguing, crying, and treating each other less than ideally in 1950s Japan. Tradition dictates some of what they must do while jealousy, treason, and other issues mix into things, pushing them to isolation and emotional blackmail. 

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The Shaolin Plot (1977) [Arrow Video Limited Edition] 

Coming to Blu-ray on February 13th from Arrow Video   

Wanting ultimate power, a prince endeavors to steal every martial arts manual to collect their powers. The last two are under protection in a shaolin temple where the prince attempts to get them. Facing him to protect the books, a group of students and Little Tiger team up and show what they are made of. 

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The Conan Chronicles [Limited Edition Arrow Video Box Set]

Out on Blu Ray and 4K January 30th, 2024 

By now, most film fans are at the very least aware of the Conan films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger from the 1980s. Here, Arrow Video gives both films, Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer, the luxury release treatment. So, how does it look and is it worth picking up? 

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