Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

709It seems lately, Reese Witherspoon is vying for the queen of romantic comedy throne since Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan have somewhat taken a departure over the past four years and I welcome her. Reese Witherspoon showed promise as an actress in critically acclaimed movies like “Highway”, and “Election” and starred in one of my favorites “Cruel Intentions”. She has a knack for the soft and mushy movies, never really taking anything that’s really deep and emotionally driven. She has a flair for acting and takes this character head on. Originally offered to Charlize Theron, Witherspoon makes her character very likeable and charming. The movie starts off with a weird opener setting the stages for the entire movie and then we fast forward into her adult years. I’m not one for watching “chick flicks” which is what this movie would be classified under, but this is rather charming.

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