Five More Promised Sequels That Never Happened

End of the movie stingers can be a double edged sword. They can be the promise of huge, great things to come. But often times if and when we never get a sequel or promised follow up, we’re always left hanging and begging studios for some kind of resolution or extension of a story. Nine times out of ten, the studios don’t oblige movie fans. These days studios are getting bolder, offering end of movie, mid-credit, and or post credit scenes, many of which promise new developments for sequels or spin offs. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes… they amount to nothing.

Here are five more movies that promised us sequels, but never delivered.

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So Unreal (2023) [Fantastic Fest 2023]

One of the most common adages in the modern age is that once upon a time we used to log on to the internet to escape reality. These days we now retreat in to reality to escape the internet. The internet and technology have become such an integral part of our everyday lives that most of us aren’t truly aware of how far tech and computers have been able to reach in to the very core of our everyday existence. What began as science fiction and cheesy fodder for movies became a prophetic over arching theme in pop culture and cinema. Artists and creators predicted not only our consumption of technology but the gradual control technology has had on our lives.

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No One Will Save You (2023)

Director Brian Duffield’s science fiction home invasion film is a deceptively massive film. It’s simplistic in that it’s limited to a cast of mainly one person, and places the enormous crux of the dramatic weight on the shoulders of star Kaitlyn Dever. Thankfully Dever is more than up to the task, offering what is easily one of her best performances to date. Director Duffield mixes so many genres and sub-genres from home invasion, survival thriller, character-based drama, themes about grief and guilt, and extra terrestrials all colliding in an absolutely outstanding cinematic experience.

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Five Great UFO Movies

UFO’s and aliens are the hot topic once again in the media and the resurgence of talks about aliens, as well as the upcoming feature “No One Will Save You” coming to Hulu on Friday, I listed five great movies based around UFO’s and Aliens. These five films are truly good movies centered on the topic of aliens and UFO’s, and they’re the perfect appetizer to ring in the arrival of what I hope will be another in a long line of great alien based horror movies.

Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite UFO movies are.

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The Flash (2023) [Blu-Ray/Digital]

“The Flash” could have and should have been this sleek, exciting, action adventure science fiction film that chronicled what is still a very appealing superhero for the modern age. Instead, with Warner Bros. help, “The Flash” is transformed in to a silly, campy, overlong chore that spends much more time on fan service than it does building an interesting character. Although The Flash is still a popular character with comic book fans, “The Flash” should have had broader appeal and a better grasp of its subject matter. Instead Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of the scarlet speedster feels like a goofy riff on “Back to the Future” time and time again.

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When Dinosaurs Ruled the 90’s

The 1990’s were an odd time where the most unlikely of trends would just consume the pop culture climate. Sometimes the trends lasted for fifteen minutes (Swing music! Grunge Rock!), and other times they lasted the whole decade. For many that don’t remember, the concept and science of Dinosaurs experienced a wide resurgence in the 1990’s, and getting in to dinosaurs was chic for quite a time. I fondly remember just tearing through massive books of dinosaurs that my cousin lent me, and spent so much time learning about various species and classes of dinosaurs.

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