Big Bad Film Fest Shorts Block [Big Bad Film Fest 2023] 

Following an adventure to get to the fest, partially caused by a drunken GPS and me not realizing I was going in the wrong direction until I was way too far, I missed some of the shorts, but using the listing from the fest’s site, I was able to retrace the films and here are a few thoughts on them. 

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Western Wednesdays: Bronco Billy’s Adventure (1911)

Lucy (Edna Fisher), the daughter of tavern owner Riley (Arthur Mackley) is seen flirting with her lover (Fred Church). Riley objects to the relationship, forbids the lover from ever seeing Lucy again and vows to kill him if he is ever seen on his property again. Moments later Broncho Billy (Broncho Billy Anderson) arrives at the tavern to take up lodging for the night. Riley and Billy share a drink and practice straight shooting together.
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Fck’n Nuts (2022)

Director Sam Fox’s short horror comedy is a great commentary about growing up with a family that’s insane or just weird. For many of us growing up around parents and or family that are just mental in their own ways can be terrifying. It can especially be terrifying if you’re looking for friends or a potential romantic partner. Director and writer Sam Fox’s “Fck’n Nuts” is a great horror twist and excellent metaphor on having a nutty family. Fox’s short is obviously something of a sense of therapy in where much of “Fck’n Nuts” confronts the terror of trying to assimilate someone new in to such a crazy family.

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Dylan’s New Nightmare: A Nightmare on Elm Street Fan Film (2023)

I love a good fan film. On rare occasions they can offer up interesting ideas and concepts. “Dylan’s New Nightmare” is an ambitious and interesting fan film in that its concept works for and against the final film, in the end. While the whole concept of a follow up to “New Nightmare” is a good one, it’s problematic in that: it basically feels like a proof of concept for a sequel, and “New Nightmare” isn’t canonical to the rest of the series. With “New Nightmare,” Wes Craven was holding up a magnifying glass, stepping back to examine the overwhelming expectations and pains of success.

It was also not on the timeline of Freddy Krueger, as the monster in the film was not Freddy Krueger.

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DC Showcase: Blue Beetle (2021)

Director Milo Neuman’s approach to “Blue Beetle” for this DC Showcase is pretty fin as it watches like an incarnation of the old Hanna Barbera cartoons. Think “Blue Falcon” meets “Johnny Quest” and you’re there. “Blue Beetle” takes the often under used costumed hero known as Ted Kord and runs with his concept, turning him in to something of a quipping avenger who works off of the overly serious The Question, and it’s a fun preview in to what DC isn’t but should be doing with these overlooked characters.

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Van Helsing: The London Assignment (2004)


When we first see Gabriel Van Helsing in “Van Helsing,” he’s on the pursuit of Mr. Hyde, a hulk-ified version of Dr. Jekyll. While the Stephen Sommers movie was a bust, “The London Assignment” at least takes its best shot at filling in the gaps. “The London Assignment” is an okay attempt a prologue for Gabriel Van Helsing, where we follow him in his efforts to stop the vicious murder spree of Dr. Jekyll and his monstrous alter ego Mr. Hyde.

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