Best of Bond… James Bond: 50th Anniversary Collection (Digital)

I am by no means a James Bond fan. I am one of the few people in the world that have never seen an actual James Bond film in full. Granted, I am a big fan of Daniel Craig and Sean Connery, but the film series never called out to me. However while I am not a Bond fan nor have I ever seen an actual Bond film in full, I am very much aware of the music behind the Bond films.

For fans of the film series, “Best of Bond…” is a remarkable and utterly incredible compilation of the some of the best and most iconic Bond music ever made. From scores to soundtracks and themes, this music compilation has it all. And then some.

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Paranorman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Digital)

Composer Jon Brion has managed to deliver fans of “Paranorman” quite the enticing and entertaining original soundtrack for the upcoming film, with a series of tracks that will perfectly relay the atmospheric story being told about kids fighting the walking dead.

Among the tracks there are some really excellent titles like “Zombie Attack in the Eighties” and “The Dead Shall Be Raised” that really manage to invoke terror and awe, and Brion provides a truly interesting variety of music palettes that will accompany fans of the film who want to re-live the moments of the film and bask in the magic of Brion’s rather eccentric scores.

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28 Days Later: The Soundtrack Album (CD)

While Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later” from 2002 is without a doubt one of my favorite horror films of all time, one of my favorite movies of the first decade, and my favorite film from Boyle, more so I love the soundtrack that comes along with the film. The soundtrack is such an obsession of mine I have managed to sit through the entire film until the credits end to hear the music, and can fondly recall listening to the soundtrack in the waiting room of the theater before the press screening of “28 Weeks Later.” I mean they were giving critics cupcakes, water, and a bad ass press book with newspaper clippings from the sequel and the entire time all I could think was “Cool! The music from the first movie is playing overhead!”

What many directors and studios fail to realize these days is that every element is very important for a horror movie, especially the music. The frantic punk rock complimented “Demons,” Dario Argento and the Goblins perfectly complimented “Dawn of the Dead,” and surely enough the compilation of chamber music, electronica, and choir music from the amazing John Murphy brilliantly compliments an already excellent piece of genre filmmaking. While the movie would possibly have been just as much a masterpiece if there were UK pop tunes playing the whole time, Boyle and Murphy turn the soundtrack in to a character, and the soundtrack is quite superb all on its own if you’re the kind of movie fan who enjoys soundtracks.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Digital]

51GxG8HqDFLLike it or not, “Scott Pilgrim” is very representative of the current movement of a hipster generation that’s all about Asian/Canadian heavy pop culture, Diablo Cody, kitsch, classic video games, Michael Cera, Ellen Page, Juno, pseudo-eighties, Moldy Peaches, punk rock, and the like that’s suited for the geeks and freaks of the world and I’ve managed to full embrace it. Generation X is over and gone, and that was a movement I despised more than anything. I happen to love the feel of the modern films that promote the geeky hipster lifestyle with the outrageousness of a new culture that’s not afraid to be wacky or cooler than thou.

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"Mean Girls" Soundtrack (Digital)

Though I’ve yet to see the hit film “Mean Girls” I was fortunate enough to listen to the soundtrack. While my ventures into the soundtrack genre as of late has been lackluster, I was rather optimistic upon viewing the track list. Simply: I enjoyed this because it was a lot of fun. Obviously, aimed mostly at young girls ages 13-18 (parents break out your wallets!), this fluffy soundtrack to the critically acclaimed hit film “Mean Girls” will surely leave you with a cavity with the inoffensive songs, and catchy pop anthems sung by predominantly female recording artists.

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"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Soundtrack (CD)

I wasn’t a fan of the newest version of the cult classic horror film, and it wasn’t much of a change of mood when applied to this soundtrack. As always this is a soundtrack which is comprised solely of head banging hard rock, which isn’t a full complaint, but only a mild gripe. I wouldn’t expect Sarah McLachlan or James Taylor on a soundtrack to this film.

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Underworld: Original Soundtrack (CD)

1. THE DAMNING WELL – Awakening featuring Wes Borland, Richard Patrick, Josh Freese, and Donnie Lohner  2. PUSCIFER – RCV 22:20  featuring Maynard James Keenan, Danny Lohner  3. PAGE HAMILTON – Throwing Punches  4. MILLA – Rocket Collecting  5. REINHOLDER – Now I know  6. DAVID BOWIE – Bring me the disco king (Loner Mix) featuring Maynard James Keenan, and John Frusciante  7. SKINNY PUPPY – Optimissed  8. REINHOLDER – Down in the Lab  9. A PERFECT CIRCLE – Judith (Reinholder Mix)

10. JOHENETTE NAPOLITANO – Suicide Note  11. DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN – Baby’s first coffin  12. TRUST COMPANY – Hover (Quiet Mix)  13. REINHOLDER – Falling through the sky  14. A PERFECT CIRCLE – Weak and Powerless (Tilling my grave Mix)  15. FINCH – Worms of the Earth  16. LISA GERMANO – From a Shell  17. REINHOLDER – Death dealer’s descent  18. THE ICARUS LINE – On the Lash  19. SARAH BETTENS – All of this past

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