For today’s review I thought I’d tackle a film that I’ve long been a fan of, even when it wasn’t popular to like it. It’s the first installment in a cinematic universe, which normally would mean that it should also be the best, but in this case the film was so infamously panned by both critics and audiences that it almost killed the franchise dead before it began.

I’m talking of course about the one and only STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE.

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Joan Collins: An Appreciation

Joan Collins first came to the public’s attention on the big screen in the 1950s, but strangely never quite found her niche in film – her star soared on the small screen’s “Dynasty” in the 1980s. In this episode of “The Online Movie Show,” actor-writer-comic Kevin Dolan (himself a one-time co-star of Dame Joan!) discusses her unusual career and continued appeal.
This episode was recorded at Pleasant Podcasts in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

The episode can be heard here.


Trekoff: The Motion Picture (2016)

trekoff1For a second I thought “Trekoff” was going to be a grating experience, but eventually Justin Timpane’s documentary about Trek fandom eventually won me over big time. I may not be much of a “Star Trek” fan, but I know what it is to be a fan, and a fanatic, and all around geek for something so much, that you want to spend all your time involved with it. “Trekoff: The Motion Picture” is a documentary and partly live action tour film about the raunchy Star Trek podcast that has managed to build a loyal following of listeners. Hosts Justin Timpane and Alexia Poe have an infectious enthusiasm that drips off of the film and will win over anyone that has ever sacrificed or expressed love for a particular kind of fandom.

It also helps that Alexia Poe is kind of hot, but I digress. Timpane and Poe sought out to do a podcast that was different from the others, where they discuss “Star Trek,” and debate various captains all the while discussing who Alexia would sleep with, and why she’d let William Shatner give her a golden shower. Admittedly, the dick jokes get kind of tiresome, but “Trekoff” is still a breezy and raucous documentary that is devoted to the way Timpane and Poe celebrate their love for “Star Trek.” They do so with a lot of laughter, a ton of joy, and endless sexual innuendos and double entendres that their audience seems to love when they’re recording their podcast live.

While “Trekoff” doesn’t offer new or original insight in to the “Star Trek” fandom, the documentary succeeds in exploring the more surreal aspects of the fandom. As well we’re given keen insight in to how rabid hosts Timpane and Poe are for “Star Trek.” While they deliver endless sex jokes, and argue about who’d be better in bed Kirk or Picard, they seem to love the franchise, and get very emotional when the humor stops and their sincerity shines through. I wish we’d seen more of that quality, to be honest. That said, “Trekoff” is a charming, funny, and unusual documentary about fandom and love for “Star Trek” that I had a very good time with.

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Galaxy Quest (1999)


In the late nineties, Tim Allen was pretty much at the top of his comedy game. The man was ending a long run on one of the most beloved family sitcoms of the nineties, he was known as the iconic Buzz Lightyear thanks to starring in one of the most revolutionary Disney films of all time, and he was appearing in anything he could get his hands on. One of the more adult related titles he starred in managed to be one of his highest grossing yet low key film to date that signaled an inevitable slump in his film career. But in spite of that descent in to becoming a third rate comedy star bouncing crotch shots off of a bloated brother of a comedy legend, “Galaxy Quest” is one of Allen’s most entertaining films, and continues to be a favorite of mine years subsequent its release in theaters. “Galaxy Quest” is a fantastic science fiction comedy, sure, but many years since its release, it’s managed to be a rotating title on my short list of absolute favorite films.

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Star Trek (2009)

I’ve never been much of a fan of “Star Trek” as personally I’ve always found the intelligence vastly oversold by zealous fans, but I digress. I’ve spent most times admiring the light saber than I have the USS Enterprise and I think JJ Abrams has found a great balance where even folks who have written off the franchise can enter with a clean palette. And that’s not easy considering the Trek has lost its punch over the last ten years with a waning film series and television stake. “Star Trek” is a film that reboots the aforementioned franchise with all of its guns loaded as it looks to not only show what becomes of James T. Kirk and Spock but who their parents were and how they lived as soldiers of the Star Fleet.

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